How Long Does it Take for a Car to Cool Down (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 minutes 

A car tends to get heated irrespective of its make and model. It may be a high-end luxurious car or a low-end daily driver. But the results are the same. The only difference is that most high-end cars do not get hot as low-end cars.
Heating is not a concern for electric cars as they don’t require the amount of work to put the power to the wheels. The common combustion engine has many parts that work together to get the necessary power. Unlike electric engines, these engines need an adequate mixture of fuel and air for the right combustion which in turn results in the right performance.

How Long Does it Take for a Car to Cool Down

How Long Does it Take for a Car to Cool Down? 

Type of CarCool Down Period
Petrol30 minutes
Diesel30 minutes
ElectricUnlikely of heating

Cooling down a car takes an average of about 30 minutes. This is because in some cases it takes more than 30 minutes and in others, it takes less than 30 minutes. The 30-minute cool-down time is the appropriate time to inspect the engine safely and do any mechanical work that needs to be done.

While doing the engine work to cool down the car completely, it is to be noted that the engine, the coolant, and the radiator will all be pretty much hot then they are supposed to be. Hence doing any unnecessary work before cooling down can lead to serious injuries.

When we switch off the car and leave it to rest, the temperature in the engine would be proportional to the temperature difference between the environment and the engine. After the engine gets cooled down to almost the air temperature, it is possible to work slightly on it.

To get out most of the air inside the engine, it is advised to open the hood so that air can freely circulate on the engine. This can lead to faster cooling of the engine. After doing so check up on the coolant gauge. If it’s empty fill it with the appropriate coolant.

It’s also a must that one should always carry extra coolant for the car to tackle any unwanted pull-ups of the car. Also, if a driver sees that the temperature gauge in their car is glowing red and at its peak of limit, they should immediately stop and rest the car to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Why Does it Take Long for a Car to Cool Down? 

A car can get heated because of several reasons;
Coolant Circulating Improperly
A coolant is one of the most important factors in a car that helps it to cool down. When it is not correct as it is supposed to, it may cause the engine to overheat. At times it may get clogged with other particles or it may get evaporated.

The leakage in the engine coolant may be another factor in which the engine gets heated up. This can lead to a car getting heated up for longer durations of time.

A Hose Needing to be Replaced
The hose that transports the coolant to the engine can get clogged or eroded with time. If so, it should be cleaned. In some cases, they can get detached too. If found detached, they should be re-attached. If all these do not become beneficial then they should be completely replaced.

Debris Inside Cooling System
Unwanted debris could get inside the cooling system. The accumulation of these impurities can cause the improper working of the coolant thereby the car’s engine gets heated.

Malfunctioning Thermostat
A thermostat is essentially one of the important parts in cooling down the car. This regulates the heat flow of the coolant present in the car. A malfunctioning thermostat can therefore make the car’s engine heated up.

Malfunctioning Cooling Fan
A cooling fan is another part of the car which helps in cooling down the engine. When the cooling fan is unable to do its part properly, the engine feels the stress and gets heated.

Damaged Radiator
If the radiator in the car gets damaged, the purpose of it is not fulfilled thereby the car gets heated up.

A car cools down collectively with the help of a coolant, radiator, thermostat, etc. If anything happens to any of them, the performance of the car gets affected. This can lead to the car getting heated up which can ultimately damage the engine


A car is pretty much like an individual’s family member. They look after it in sickness and health. When a car gets heated, it is similar to a human running a fever. It should be treated.

It doesn’t matter how expensive a car is. Every car demands regular service. A regularly serviced car has more chance is not getting the engine all heated and worked up. Hence the best way to reduce the heating of the car is to service it regularly.

A heated car can always be cooled down. So, a car getting heated should not be a painful issue. It’s normal and it’s common. It is always treatable too.



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