How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 years

Everyone looking for a six-pack body should be blessed with great genes as it depends on the amount of fat the body has. The body fat should be reduced to get that clear midsection. Exercise and diet are the foundations of getting six or eight packs. The body shape, genetic factors, nutritional requirements, and workout is different for everyone.

The time to get a six-pack depends on the amount of fat your body has in the beginning.

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack?

Six Pack How Long Does It Take To Get A Six Pack
Minimum time6 months
Maximum time2 years

Getting a six-pack is a time-taking process that requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. The person should follow a simple rule to lose 2 percent of total fat every month. The person would be able to present and unveil the abs in 6 to 24 months. Some people make it just in 6 months.

If someone wants to get the six-pack faster, then a certified personal trainer and dietician would help. Before beginning the training, the person can give the body a going-over. The certified trainer can train the person personally for what exercises are cardinal for getting the abs in less time.

There is a lot of misinformation about the diet and workout for people. Make sure you get yourself the best. For beginners, the midsection muscle fat percentage according to the standard requirements is 6 to 13 percent for men and 14 to 19 percent for women. Staying below 10 percent would be herculean but would look divine.

It’s vital to learn that people who are athletes or professional bodybuilders should make it to 10 percent and not everyone. As body fat is required for survival and there is no escape.

Women need more fat percentage as compared to men for hormone estrogen and to maintain fertility. Thanks to testosterone, men have more lean muscle tissue. Therefore, men require less body fat as compared to women. This is the reason that men can get abs faster as their fat percentage is less than women.

Why Does It Take This Long To Get A Six Pack?

The time required for getting abs would be different depending on body fat percentage. Let’s see how much it would be:
30 Percent and more

The men would need 10 months to 2 years to get abs with 30 percent of fat whereas the women can make it in 1 to 2 years. If the fat percentage is 30 then the person enters the obese zone. These people can get many chronic health issues.
20 percent
People with 20 percent fat can see abs coming in 3 to 6 months. 20 percent fat can be considered as a good sign for getting abs, but men can still have an awkward fat to muscle ratio. For women, the body fat percentage, if 20 percent, would support them to get abs faster. The time may further vary depending on the food and exercise you include in the six-pack journey.

15 percent

People with a 15 percent body fat percentage can see the six-pack easily with fewer efforts. With the lower fat to muscle ratio and defined arms, this fat percentage is great for getting the six and eight-pack abs. With this fat percent, the men are 6 to 8 weeks far from their six-pack goals. At this stage, both men and women would start observing the beauty of the six-pack.

The body type may make the abs slightly more or less visible, but the person would start feeling it.

10 percent

At this fat percent, the abs would have already popped up. The men with this fat percent are at the perfect fat requirement stage. For women, this fat percent would make them enter the essential fat percentage zone.


Getting four, six, and eight-pack abs would depend on the fat percentage, diet, and workout routine. Maintaining the abs is equally vital as getting the abs. The person with six-pack abs has to reduce the calorie intake and should add whole food to the diet. Eating more fiber and complex carbs would be the pillar to getting a good six-pack body.

Protein is the most important nutritional requirement to get and maintain the six-pack abs. Say no to sugar, and drink enough water in order to maintain the six-pack abs.



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