How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks

The real Christmas tree should be healthy to last for a long time. Anybody can know the Christmas tree’s health by observing its needles and color. The tree with green needles is healthier compared to the brown needles tree. It’s difficult to manage a real Christmas tree for a long time, but it can be done by storing it correctly before you start decorating it.

The needles of the tree should be flexible. When someone touches the needles, they should not fall off. These are some basic ways to learn how healthy the tree is. If you want to maintain the health of the tree then giving or spraying some water daily would make it last for around 6 weeks.

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How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last?

Christmas TreeHow Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last
Minimum time4 weeks
Maximum time6 weeks

There are a few things that will help in keeping the real Christmas tree fresh for a long time. These are:
Buy a fresh tree
Someone can easily check the freshness of a real Christmas tree. The needles would come out easily when someone tries to tug them. This is the sign of an old Christmas tree. When it comes to the freshness of the tree, the color should be green.

Give the tree a fresh cut

When someone cuts the tree for the first time, its water absorption capability is interrupted by the air inside the plant’s tissue. Therefore, cutting the tree correctly is vital to make it last longer. The tree should be cut straight and not at any angle. Cutting the tree at an angle would reduce its water content in the tree. Angle-cut trees are not appropriate to be stored in a tree stand.

Choose the right tree stand for the tree

A reservoir kind of tree stand would be quite convenient for setting the real Christmas tree. The tree stand should be a proper fit for the tree with a good amount of water in it. Don’t whittle the trunk of the tree in a small stand. As this would obstruct the water to be absorbed by the tree.

Provide a good supply of water

Tree admire water just like a human loves food. There are some species of real Christmas tree that can survive without or with very less water for a good amount of time. When you bring the freshly cut tree to the home, just put it in a plain bucket with some water. Put the bucket with the tree in a cool and dry place.

It’s normal that the tree requires water every day and the amount would vary. The more its foliage would get dehydrated (or lose moisture), the demand for water by the tree would increase.

Why Does A Real Christmas Tree Last This Long?

The real Christmas tree would last long as they don’t require a lot of maintenance. They need perfect climatic conditions, water, and storage places. Choosing the correct species of Christmas tree is vital that will decide how long it would last. There are many people who store the real Christmas tree in a hot temperature place.

This can make the tree dry very soon, as the Christmas tree hates the heat. You can use lights for decorating the trees, but choose a light that produces very little heat. You should avoid switching on the light in the room where the Christmas tree is stored at night. Always check the tree stand, if the water level is perfect or not.

You can add the required amount of water whenever needed. Sometimes, the Christmas tree will dry soon due to resin formation. This can happen if watering is done properly to the tree. The storage of the Christmas tree should be done exactly like the cut flowers. Prevent drying and revive the dried tree by giving the required amount of water.


Christmas tree can survive for around 4 to 6 weeks. That doesn’t mean the person is not supposed to do anything. Keep the tree far from artificial chemicals. There are many decorations for Christmas trees that contain artificial chemicals, and these may affect the freshness of the tree. Before starting the decoration and try to choose low heat-producing lights.

Don’t overload the tree with excess water but give the required amount. Everybody can choose the appropriate size of the tree according to their convenience from the market.



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