How Long Does It Take To Improve Credit Score (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Improve Credit Score (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 1 year

Improving the credit score would take around 12 months. If the credit score is low, then it can be increased with the correct approaches. Some reasons behind low or poor credit scores are problems in the credit report, payment track record, and errors in the CIBIL report. There are many other reasons that will affect the credit score of a person.

People who always complete their payments on time can improve their credit score in 6 months. People who are irregular in payments may face difficulties in increasing their credit score.

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How Long Does It Take To Improve Credit Score?

Credit ScoreHow Long Does It Take To Improve Credit Score
Minimum time6 months
Maximum time12 months or more

If the credit score of a person is already near 750 then it won’t take a lot of effort in building the credit score. People with credit scores below 750 should not continue late payments as it would affect the history of payments as well. The person willing to improve the credit score should maintain discipline in paying all the payments on time.

As the money lenders would give preference to the applicants who have a good credits score. The person can take some measures to improve or increase the credit score above 750. These measures are:

Don’t close older accounts- Many people believe that if someone closes the old or less used accounts, then the credit score will get increased. This is not true, as it would affect the credit score negatively. The older accounts prove that your connection with the specific bank is for a long time. Closure of the older accounts would not show any good connection you have with the bank.

Improve the payment history- The payment history of the person would have a huge impact on the credit score of the person. Always try to pay all the payments on time to avoid any failure of payment. If you delay or fail to pay the money on time, then it would bring down the credit score.

People with low credit scores should not miss a single payment as it would decrease their credit score.

Maintain the mix of credit- Try to avail the secured loan as it would maintain the mix of credit. The repayment period or tenure is quite high for secured loans such as home loans. This would ensure that the person is paying for the loans on time. Repayment or payment on time will make sure that the credit score is not decreasing.

Monitor the credit report– Always have an eye on the credit report. Maintaining and monitoring the credit report would help in building the credit score. Sometimes, the credit report may have some incorrect information. If somebody sees any information irrelevant to the performance of the person, then it’s better to inform the credit bureaus.

Why Does It Take This Long To Improve The Credit Score?

Improving the credit score would take time, as it is a negative impression about your performance. The time for improving credit score depends on why the credit score went down. If someone misses a single repayment, then the credit score may get back to normal in a few months.

If someone is repeatedly missing or delaying the repayments, then the credit score will not increase easily. The credit score reflects how much the person has the capacity and is capable of repaying the money on time. People who have no credit history can increase their credit score very quickly by paying on time.

Always maintain a buffer limit as maxing out the credit limit would bring down the credit score. There are some people who apply for a lot of credit cards at one time. This is observed by the credit bureaus and would affect the credit score negatively. The credit utilization ratio of a person should be good. As it is a vital condition that will decrease the credit report in a huge manner.


Maintaining a good credit score needs discipline, patience, and time. The person should avoid having a late repayments history as it would take a lot of time to rebuild the credit score. The credit score can be increased by not missing a single repayment on time. The person should avoid any type of negative impression as it would stay in history for a long time.

Avoid taking unsecured loans as they have very little time for repayment.


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