How Long Does Loss of Taste And Smell Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Month

The normal body of the human being has five senses which are very important for the smooth functioning of life. These five senses are taste, smell, touch, hearing, and visual which makes the life of a person easy. The sense of smell is also known as the gustatory system, and sense is also known as an olfactory system which is present in everyone. The sense of taste is for the getting the flavor of the food eaten, these senses are present in our tongue. The sense of smell is to get the smell of different components.

The taste can be identified due to the taste receptors cells which are known as taste buds which are present in the oral cavity of the mouth. The smell of any item can be identified when the odor binds with the receptors present in the nasal cavity.

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How Long Does Loss of Taste And Smell Last?

The process of smelling glomeruli plays an important role in its functioning. The glomeruli is a structure that sends signals to the receptors and transmits them to the olfactory bulb. These sensory inputs interact with the part of the brain which is responsible for the identification of the smell, memory, and emotion of the smell. There are some situations where the normal sense of smell is gets affected due to the damage of the nose, receptors in the nasal cavity, and sometimes affecting the parts of the brain.

The diseases related to the sense of smell are upper respiratory infections, traumatic brain injury, neurodegenerative diseases, and many other diseases related to respiration. In different people the sense and power of smell are different, and this variation is due to genetic differences. The sensitivity of the smell varies among the different organisms. Most mammals have a strong sense of smell, but not every animal has a strong sense of smell.

The tongue has an olfactory bulb, and trigeminal nerve present in it which stimulates texture, pain, and temperature. It determines the flavor of the food and other substance eaten. Huma beings have receptors and taste buds present on the tongue and other areas of the mouth in the upper surface of the tongue and epiglottis. The tongue has small bumps are structures on its surface known as papillae, which can be seen with naked eyes.

Each papilla has several taste buds, but there are some filiform papillae that don’t have any taste buds. The tongue has two thousand to five thousand taste buds that are present in the back, and front of the tongue. There are many taste buds that are located on the sides, in the throat, roof, and back of the mouth. There are about fifty to a hundred taste receptors that are present in the taste bud.

Mild10-15 Days
Severe1 Month

Why Does Loss of Taste And Smell Last That Long?

In the year 2019, a fatal disease covid-19 was spread very badly all over the world which affected human beings in every continent, every country. This year was a nightmare for every human being where people lost their lives and their family members which changed their life. The world almost stopped for all most two years where everyone’s life was affected very badly finically and mentally in every aspect.

The covid-19 had some mild, and severe symptoms affecting the people in different ways depending on their immunity power. People had symptoms like cold, cough, fever, breathlessness. There were many people also who suffered through severe symptoms like heavy breathlessness which is a serious condition and took the lives of many people.


After recovery from the covid-19 many people suffered from post-recovery symptoms, and the most common was the loss of taste or smell. All five senses are important for everyone to live smoothly.


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