How Long Does Miso Paste Last (And Why)?

How Long Does Miso Paste Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 year

Willing to experiment with Japanese cuisine? Then, start with the miso soup. Don’t forget to buy a jar of miso paste with tofu and seaweed. While buying the miso paste you might be thinking about the shelf life of it. Would the miso paste go bad? Well, let me tell you about the ingredients of miso paste.

Miso paste is a paste made out of fermented soybeans with the addition of salt and other seasonal flavors. Remember that the soybean paste isn’t a perishable good. This means that it won’t go bad if you can store it properly. Read more to know more about the miso paste.

How Long Does Miso Paste Last

How Long Does Miso Paste Last?

PasteExpiry Date
Soy Paste2-3 years
Tahini Paste6 months
Ginger Garlic3 weeks

We know that a food paste is a semi-liquid suspension, colloidal, or aggregation that is employed in a food product. It can be consumed instantly as a spread on food items. This paste is too spicy and is odorous in smell. Japanese monks had invented the miso paste to add richness to food items such as umami that add flavor to vegetarian food. A teaspoon of this beneficial ingredient can add tons of essence.

If you haven’t opened the jar and it is stocked for months or years, then it won’t be safe to consume the paste as it might get spicy or flavorful in taste. But when the container is removed, the flavor of the paste gradually varies. But it is still safe to consume for a couple of months or even a year. In such a case, it’s considerably comparable to Tabasco sauce.

As we have said that miso paste can get spoiled after a year. The longer you save it, the more frequently you can use it. Thus, there are higher uncertainties of microbial decay. Also, we are aware that fermented soybeans aren’t great ingredients for environmental growth for bacterias as some of them prevail and begin compounding. So, if you find mold on the exterior or if it smells a bit differently then throw it away.

You can simply notice it when the miso paste becomes darker over time. It happens mostly when it is placed in a warm environment. The variation in color of the paste is common and expected. It doesn’t mean that the paste is gone off. Remember that miso paste ranges in color and its flavor too. You might purchase the paste from the same maker, but it won’t constantly look and taste alike.

Why Does Miso Paste Last For So Long?

Storing miso paste isn’t a simple job. It contains fermented soybean. Mostly it is recommended to store it in the fridge when the seal is not broken. Make sure you check the label of the paste and note what are the ingredients or pasteurizers used by different manufacturers to store it for a longer time. Next, you need to check where the paste was placed in the supermarket when you bought it. In case if it was in the refrigerator. Then, don’t forget to refrigerate it too. In case you forget to do so then the taste might change.

When the container is opened, do refrigerate it. Not always you need to refrigerate it but it causes a higher chance of paste to last longer. Its flavor and smell stay for longer, and the cold climate is less inviting for bacteria. Make sure you close the container every time when it is not in usage. Remember to clean the spoons every time before you scoop them into the paste. Therefore, it won’t go bad.


Many varieties of miso paste are available in the market by different manufacturers. Out of them, the common name is ‘Shiro’ which is also known as ‘white miso’. This miso paste has the most faded color and the smoothest flavor. That is why it is the top choice of the crowd.

The deeper the shade of the miso paste, the stronger is its taste. Many substitutes are also available that are like various varieties of miso paste. All you need to do use a teaspoon of it or less when its tone is a bit darker or red. Remember that you can always add afterward but don’t add too much of it in the beginning.


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