How Long Does The Flu Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 5 to 7 days

While deadly diseases exist, some common diseases cause a tremendous amount of pain too. One of such diseases is the flu. Flu, which is quite common to catch, especially during the rainy and the winter seasons, causes cold, along with congestion of the nose, headaches, body aches, and soreness in the throat.

It lasts for a week, mainly depending upon the antibodies of the individual who has caught it. However, the thing that makes flu a complex disease is its contagiousness. 

Viruses cause flu, and one should take high care to prevent the flu from spreading. While coughing and sneezing, the patient should be careful. 

How Long Does The Flu Last

How Long Does The Flu Last? 

Symptoms of FluTime
Fever3-7 days
Cough & Fatigue2 weeks

Flu is a type of illness that lives for a brief time duration. It doesn’t remain in the body of an individual for more than a week. It lasts for a week, mainly depending upon the antibodies of the individual who has caught it. 

However, the thing that makes flu difficult is its contagiousness. Its cause is a virus, and these can get disseminated quickly to a person coming in contact with the sufferer. While wheezing and sneezing, the patient should take care to cover their mouth and the use. 

After one to four days, if the person comes in contact with the flu, symptoms start appearing. There are three major types of flu-causing agents these include virus A, followed by virus B, and finally, virus C. As these symptoms worsen, the flu is confirmed. 


Some vaccines are given to a person at a young age to avoid flu in the future. This disease primarily affects children, older adults, and also people who suffer from obesity. Those who have HIV should also stay aware of this disease as it will cause them great harm. 

As a medication to this, certain anti-flu medicines that the doctor prescribes are given. One can take certain painkillers in a limited number to get relief from the aches caused due to the flu. 

Why Does The Flu Last So Long? 

For a person with strong immunity, it is pretty hard to get the flu. However, if they do get this disease, it gets healed in a small amount of time. If certain medicines for flu are taken, the time of healing is even quicker.

Avoiding the flu isn’t a challenging task. One should have a nutritious and clean diet that keeps the body healthy and prevents its weakening. After twenty-four hours of the fever going away, a person can continue their routine.

There might be situations in which the flu keeps on happening again and again. Such flu may be the result of allergic reactions to certain stimulants. An allergy treatment should be done next. 


One can take several steps to prevent the flu. If we see a person with a cold or body ache, we should maintain our distance. Washing foodstuff and hands before eating and sanitizing can also help remove the virus. A person with flu should avoid going out to crowded places and rest for a few days.

As soon as the symptoms are seen, the person should consult a doctor. Being responsible is what keeps this disease from spreading. On the flu days, the used towels, handkerchiefs, and bedsheets shouldn’t be touched. After the phase is over at about a week, these should be thoroughly cleaned.


Flu is a disease that can affect anyone at, anytime. It stays in the body for five to seven days. What matters, in the end, is how the individual has dealt with it.

Those who take adequate care get well soon as well as prevent the disease from spreading. Illnesses that are especially caused by viruses should be taken care of. 

A responsible person visits the doctor as soon as the symptoms of the disease are seen. They also keep the health of others in mind and maintain their distance from them.

Flu is one such disease that is very familiar to acquire. There are several cases where a person with a common cold might end up getting the flu. A healthy lifestyle is an answer to avoid getting infections and should be observed regularly.



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