How Long Redness After VBeam (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Few Days To 1 Or 2 Weeks

The V-beam laser otherwise known as Pulsed Dye laser treatment is used to treat the redness in the skin. People with sensitive skin easily get rosacea and redness in their face around the nose and also in their body. The V-beam laser is used to target the redness in the skin and get rid of them.

It treats the veins showing up on your skin, red freckles, and so on. After the treatment, everyone should follow the dos and don’ts told by their medical advisor. There are different types of laser treatment for skin in which the V-beam laser is less dangerous and most effective.

How Long Redness After VBeam

How Long Redness After VBeam?

Types of LaserUsed to treat
V-Beam or Pulsed Dye LaserTreats Redness in the skin
FraxelRemoves wrinkles and sun damage
Laser GenesisTo get a glowing skin
IPLRemoves sun damage
Fractional CO2 laserTreats acne scars

V-beam is a very gentle, yellow light laser that is used to treat everything red on the skin. The redness after V-beam may last from a few days to 1 or 2 weeks based on the sensitivity of the skin. If your skin is too sensitive then the redness may last up to 1 week or more.

Laser treatments are not dangerous as long as we follow the instructions given by the medical advisor properly after the treatment. People with spider veins on their face and body, hyperpigmentation, small red spots or red freckles on their face, and so on, which are difficult to treat with medications can be treated with laser treatments and can get quick results.

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The side effects are less with V-beam than other lasers. The main side effect is that we get a little bit of bruising. The bruising occurs due to the heating and rupturing of the blood vessels and within a maximum of two weeks of those vessels will be gone. Every doctor reevaluates the patient’s skin after four weeks to make sure that the redness is gone and to see if they need any additional treatment for their skin.

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If you are a person who is more prone to redness you can take the treatment again after every 3 or 4 months. But for treating spider veins and small red moles taking the treatment only one time is enough. The results are long-lasting but are not permanent. Another important thing about this laser is that you will barely feel the pain and you don’t have to be scared of anything.

Why Does The Redness After VBeam Last Up To 2 Weeks?

The redness can last longer than 1 week for sensitive-skinned people. V-beam is good for people with rosacea. What’s happening in people with rosacea is vasodilation. It is the condition where the blood vessels dilate. The V-beam targets the blood in those vessels.

In simple words, the laser attacks the vessels so that they close down and all the redness goes away. After the treatment avoiding the sun for a week and using a lot of sunscreens when you go out is a must. One should not pick or disturb or keep touching their skin after the laser treatment. Doing such things makes your skin feel itchy and causes damages in your skin and your skin will become worse than before.

There are different types of laser treatments for the skin which the most commonly used are V-beam, IPL, Laser Genesis, Fractional CO2 Laser, and Fraxel. Each has different benefits. Choose the proper treatment based on your skin problems. The IPL laser is used to treat sun damage especially when there are too many brown spots on the skin due to overexposure to the sun.

Skin treatment

Fraxel is used to remove wrinkles, sun damage and also helps rejuvenate the skin. Similarly, laser genesis can be used to have an instant glow on your skin. This treatment can also be used to treat rosacea. The Fractional CO2 Laser is used to treat deep acne scars and so on. Laser treatments are widely used all over the world because of their instant results.

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Normal skin problems like acne, black spots, acne scars, and so on can be treated with proper medications but it takes a large amount of time and steps to cure them. That is why many go for laser treatments. In this busy world, not everyone has the time to do skincare routines and so on.

Maintaining good skin is very tough and if we have skin problems curing them is a lot tougher than that and not all problems can be cured with medications alone. This where laser treatments give us a hand. Beautiful skin increases confidence in a person. Laser treatments are the easiest way to achieve good skin.


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