How Long Should An Introduction Be (And Why)?

How Long Should An Introduction Be (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 50 to 80 words

An introduction is the first part of an essay, article, or book that defines the aim and goals of the subsequent work. The body and conclusion are the next. The introduction explains the document’s scope and provides a quick explanation or overview. It aids in capturing the interest of your reader and persuading them to continue reading.

Before beginning to read the following content, the readers can have an idea of it. The introduction in technical writing comprises one or more of the following subsections: abstract or paraphrase, preface, acknowledgment, and forward.

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How Long Should An Introduction Be?

Types of introductionWords
Thesis introduction1500 – 2000 words
Normal introduction50 – 80 words

The length of the introduction should never exceed five sentences, no matter what sort of essay you are assigned or how long it is. Maintaining a 50-80 word introduction will guarantee that you have enough content to grab your reader’s curiosity without overloading them with information.

The three main parts that your introduction should include are a hook, context, and thesis statement.

  • A hook – it is a sentence or phrase that draws the reader’s attention to your work. The sentences should be creative, informative, and sometimes entertaining and set the tone for your article. You may need to change the line several times during the revision process to achieve the wording you want.
  • Context – it gives an overview and knowledge about the topic. It also helps in introducing the core concept. So, that readers must understand what you’re referring to.
  • Thesis statement – It is the main point that will guide the rest of the essay. It is the crucial phrase that states what you’re attempting to say and how you intend to back it up.

One of the most difficult aspects of writing an introduction is coming up with a beginning phrase. You’ll need something that’s both instructive and engaging to get readers to continue reading. Here are a few strategies that you need to follow: Inspire interest with questions like -“What would you alter about the sky if you could?”. Use humor when a customer asked the waiter how they cook their meat at a restaurant, he said “Nothing special, we simply tell them they’re going to die.”

Ask a question such as, “What will happen if people don’t stop eating junk food in the future?.” Give a quote like “breath, it’s just a terrible day” as an example. Tell an anecdote “Walking out of college that summer day, I never knew this would be the last time I’d ever see my teacher.”

It’s just as important to ensure you include all of the essential components in the opening paragraph as it is to cut out all of the extraneous words and phrases that will immediately turn off your reader. Avoiding cliches, avoiding definitions, not being too ambiguous, and not being too precise are all things to avoid when writing an introduction.

Why Should An Introduction Be So Long?

An introduction summarises the main points of your paper in three or five phrases (50 to 80 words). The introduction provides the readers with a first impression, builds trust with the audience, and prepares the audience for the content of the speech. If the introduction is too long, many people will get bored and stop reading. An introduction should be about 10% of the overall word count, thus a 500-word for a 5,000-word article.

Some guidelines that need to be followed to write a good introduction with a reasonable length are as follows:

  • It should be concise in comparison to the essay. If you’re writing a five-paragraph essay, a three- to five-sentence beginning will be enough.
  • Make sure the beginning outlines the primary point and provides the reader a sense of how the argument will go. Often, a paragraph of three to five sentences is enough to do this.
  • Include only the background information that your intended reader needs.
  • Put the essential background information in a second paragraph if it is too long. An opening paragraph that is too long may scare the reader.
  • Self-referential assertions should never be made.


Making a good first impression is important not only in person but also in writing. Your introduction will be the first thing your audience sees, and you want it to encourage them to continue reading. Keep it short, engaging, and informative, and it will set the tone for the rest of your essay.



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