How Long To Boil Red Potatoes (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-20 Minutes

Red potatoes are red skin-colored potatoes that have less starch and more sugar as compared to normal potatoes. Red potatoes are also waxier and are cooked with skin for better taste. The red bliss potatoes or the red potatoes are used for frying, pan-frying, scalloping, and steaming. These potatoes are tastier than normal potatoes since the skin is also utilized while eating them.

Being starchy vegetables, red potatoes contain carbohydrates, fibers, and proteins in large quantities. These are edible tubers that are grown from the earth. The read potatoes help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure rate and have been found to have more potassium than any other vegetable.

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How Long To Boil Red Potatoes?

Cut Duration Of Boiling
Small Pieces10 Minutes
One Whole Potato20 Minutes

All the favorite dishes whether it be mashed potatoes or tasty wedges come with the boiling of potatoes. Boiling red potatoes add a creamy and light flavor that makes the dish far more delicious. Boling of the red potatoes may take different times depending on the size of the red potato. Like any other vegetable, a cut potato will take lesser time as compared to the whole potato.

To get the delicious and light red potatoes, being by placing the red potatoes in a Now, pot of water. Bring the water and the potatoes to a boil and let them cook for 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the potatoes. Now take a fork and try to mash or puncture the potato if it can be done easily then the potatoes are ready to be served. If the potatoes are still uncooked leave them in the pot for a few more minutes.

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Now, when the whole cooking of potatoes is done, carefully remove them with a fork or a spatula and place them in a large bowl. Prefer not peeling the outer skin of the potatoes to minimize the loss of nutrients and taste. Try and keep the skin intact. Sprinkle black pepper and salt on the potatoes or mash them according to your preference. The boiled red potatoes are ready to be served as a side dish or a compliment.

A pro tip is to slightly toss the potatoes in heated butter to oil to add a nice glaze. This also ensures that the taste of boiled red potatoes is maintained and no flavor is compromised. To prevent overboiling of the red potatoes, keep testing regularly after ten minutes.

Why Does It Take So Long To Boil Red Potatoes?

Red Potatoes are starchy vegetables. It takes time for the starch to come out of the boiling process to occur. At a particular temperature, when the starch content is reduced the boiling process occurs softening the red potatoes from within and creating a healthy nutritious dish. With the deliciousness red potatoes also offer a plethora of nutrients and benefits.

Red potatoes are tested to lower the stress level. Red potatoes have Vitamin B6 that lowers the cellular renewal that balances the mood and creates a healthy nervous system. It also maintains the cholesterol level thus reducing the chances of heart diseases. With vitamins, red potatoes also have complex carbohydrates, that fuel the body. Red potatoes are fat and gluten-free hence, add to taste without any increase in weight.

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The inside of the Red Potatoes also contains around 45% Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in repairing the body tissue by providing antioxidants. Containing an appropriate amount of dietary fiber, these potatoes help you stay full for a longer duration of time. Red potatoes improve the functioning of cells. Containing iron-red potatoes assist in oxygen utilization, neural development, and overall functioning of the cells.


Baking red potatoes is one of the healthiest ways to retain the nutrient content and maximize the flavor. Red potatoes should be boiled for around 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the pieces. A whole red potato can take up to 20 minutes to boil properly. To prevent the potato from over boiling keep checking the bits gently with the help of a fork at a regular interval after 10 minutes. It is advised to keep the skin on while eating the potatoes because the edible skin contains a number of nutrients that are needed for the growth and proper functioning of cells.



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