How Long To Mail A Letter (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 to 3 Business Days

It’s important to know how long it takes for a letter to be mailed across the country. It doesn’t seem like much, but time really can make a difference. When one is trying to send something overnight, and the mail is taking too long, one needs to know the exact time it takes to send a mail. 

It takes 2 to 3 days for a letter to arrive at its destination, but sometimes longer depending on where one lives. The time it takes depends on how far away from the post office one’s address is and what time of day or night one sends their letter.

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How Long To Mail A Letter ?

Priority Mail1 to 3 days
Priority Mail Express1-day delivery

The time it takes to send a letter depends on many factors like location and delivery address. 

In general, if there are no other delays in transit, the USPS guarantees delivery within 2-8 days (Monday – Friday) for First Class mail sent by an adult with proper postage. If someone else mails the letter, they need to put their return address or provide one when they drop off their outgoing mail. Mailing instructions may vary based on whether one is sending first-class or priority.

To compose a well-crafted and engaging letter, such as one applying for employment or admission, one needs to make sure the recipient emphasizes the information they want. 

Steps to mail a letter:

1. Place the letter in a manila envelope.

2. Address the envelope with enough postage for a first-class stamp according to the website, making sure to leave a one-inch margin along all four sides of the mailpiece’s exterior surface.

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3. Place removable tape or adhesive on each side flap edge and along the top flap edge to seal it shut tight. 

4. Close it up with the right hand while grasping an end tab from either side tab closer towards one’s side with the left-hand fingernail pulling down vertically at approximately a 45-degree angle inside each end tab boundary.

5. Apply pressure inwards towards oneself while closing that end tab by not letting go until both tabs close up snugly into that inner bottom.

6. Send the mail

Why Would Mailing A Letter Take So Long?

One must also eliminate any possible distractions or anything unnecessary to get their meaning across. Letters should be concise and meaningful written without too many words (less than 500). 

It takes a while to put stamps on the envelope. Next, one has to wait for it to get sent off with one of the USPS workers, or worse, they have to go through the steps of self-mailing it. Then eventually, people at the other end would receive the mail and either sit on it for another hour or so before putting it into a box that will take days just sitting there before being sorted out. 

Finally, sorting out is yet another complicated process that can take anywhere from 2-5 days depending on where in the country they are currently located.

Although estimates vary for these processes taking place by different companies, they all seem to agree that obtaining an estimate of 2-8 days seems fairly accurate.

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Overall, the most important reason one should send a letter is that it keeps communication lines open. Some people might have to wait for long as it can get longer, like up to seven days, for the mail to reach a destination.

Therefore, one must keep track of the mailing days because the mailman will deliver the letter on either Saturday or the next Monday when one mails after Wednesday. Everyone also knows that Christmas month is going to be busy. Sometimes, even mother’s day is busy and might push the letter delivery late.


Sometimes letter may take even two days to get delivered, and it is pretty fast. There are plenty of mailing services in the US that offers prompt and reliable service. 96% of the mails is reived by the reprints in the same day if it is local. If the mail is sent nationwide, 94% will arrive within 3 days.

Many companies provide overnight delivery across US locations and even Sunday or holiday delivery is available for a small fee. The stamp price is also cheaper, and one doesn’t need to worry about it being expensive.



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