How Long To Reconnect DSTV After Payment (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15 Minutes

DSTV stands for Digital Satellite Television. It is a Sub-Saharan African entertainment service maintained by Multi-Choice, started in 1995. Digital Satellite Television provides various channels to its subscribers. Around 50 countries has the access to its digital TV content. Multi-Choice Africa involves channels from Africa, America, India, China, Asia, Europe.

There are very basic elements that are required for its subscription to get activated, namely DSTV smart card number, a mobile phone, a paid account. To check DSTV balance, first dial *120*68584#, then select option 1, account data balance will appear on the screen.

How Long To Reconnect DSTV After Payment

How Long To Reconnect DSTV After Payment?

Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, ZambiaLess than 15 minutes
NigeriaLess than 10minutes

It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to reactivate the subscription after payment depending on the mode of payment. For making it easy and accessible to all, there are several modes of payment. For example DSTV USSD code, Multiple mobile apps, net banking, mobile banking, credit cards, mobile wallets, etc. Multiple ways to activate, reactivate, or reconnect the account provide emancipation of choice to customers.

If you have already paid for the account subscription but could not use it due to some reasons, in such situations, all you worry about is the wastage of money you have done by paying for the DSTV account. Initially, it was a dreadful feeling therefore Multi-Choice Africa introduced the feature of suspending their account for 7 to 14 days twice a year. Now, this has reduced much pressure from customers head. Customers can freely enjoy their vacations or stay engaged for a week or two without getting anxious about paid money.

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Customer’s will is considered topmost in every market. Similarly, DSTV also provides various features to their happy customers to keep their bliss forever. They allow adding, reduce or change their ongoing plan. For this

  1. log into the account
  2. then go and click on the add or change button
  3. a page will open up with a list of packages
  4. choose the desired one

MultiChoice charges an amount of R50 as a reconnection fee to their subscribers.

Why It Takes This Long To Reconnect DSTV After Payment?

Checking account balance, confirming from the account, access to the new plan, processing further, and then updating it takes some time. Depending on the internet connection and to which country the customer is living, 10-15 minutes is the minimum time taken by the DSTV to reconnect the connection after payment.

Reason Behind Unable To Connect

  1. The plan must have expired.
  2. The amount chosen might not include any plan.
  3. The satellite cable might not be connected properly to the LNB.
  4. Sometimes faulty LNB also leads to no connections.
  5. Due to bad weather, signals get disturbed.

Paid Still Not Working

  1. Restart the DSTV decoder and wait for few minutes.
  2. Check out if there is an error code on the screen.
  3. Log onto the self-service website of DSTV to remove the error code.
  4. Go to the page of DSTV and check your paid money.
  5. If the amount paid does not match any of the packages, change the amount according to the available package.
  6. If still found error, head towards the DSTV customer service.
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Most of the subscribers are always worried about the usage of data during their entertainment. It is breathtaking for the customers as it takes a huge amount of data to load and play. On making a notice on the amount of data used, it is noted that around 1.15 MB/min is exhausted at the lowest resolution and 41MB/min is used at the highest resolution.


Customers can still watch DSTV channels for free by following few elementary steps. Log onto from your search engine. Click on the sign-up button or link. A page will appear asking for basic details to fill. Thereafter, create an account on DSTV by following basic steps. It will, later on, ask for an ID and smart card number. Provide the ID and Smart card number. Two options will occur on the screen. As it should be free so scroll and click on skip. Now, enjoy the free entertainment.



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