How Long Would Astronauts Stay On Mars (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 21 Months

The profession of astronauts is one of the toughest, adventurous, and respected professions throughout the globe and this profession is a kind of desire to many people, especially when it comes to youth, the craze of astronomy is immense in them. Astronomy is all about stars, galaxies, space, and thrill, which excites every human even more.

Although the job of astronauts is not that easy, the way it looks, it requires a lot of hard work and potential to be into. The main job of the astronauts is to analyze different scientific things by being on to different planets, sun, and moon.

How Long Would Astronauts Stay On Mars

How Long Would Astronauts Stay On Mars?

ObjectiveTotal Time
Astronauts who have to analyze the availability of water or oxygen on mars21 months
Astronauts who have to analyze the availability or scarcity of different gases on mars7 months

An astronaut itself means a “star” just in a form of a person who is very well-trained, deployed, and equipped. The work of astronauts is to reach different planets and then to analyze the amount of oxygen and all other gases along with water, that weather the water is available on the planet is not if water is present on any individual planet then in what amount it is there and many other factors are there along with these to analyze.

This analysis of the available gases, water, and other scientific objects on different planets is one of the toughest yet interesting things to do, and all these researches are done to find someone new to the world and making the world proud.


Traveling to any space or planet is very dangerous as it requires a lot of equipment which needs to be carried by astronauts while traveling from planet to planet as there is a lot of oxygen fluctuation and atmospheric variations at different planets and without protection, and will the facilities equipped with oneself, people won’t able to survive there on any planet or space.

The astronauts are surrounded by no air, which makes them unable to breathe, and is one of the most pivotal problems faced by every astronaut while traveling to different planets.

Why Would Astronauts Stay That Long On Mars?

The astronauts need to prepare all the imperative equipment in an adequate amount so that they won’t face any shortage of any of the things which are required on the planet to survive. Traveling to one planet from another is way tough, requires a lot of preparation, and consumes a lot of time as well. The astronauts stay around seven months or more than that on the International Space Station.

Just like traveling to any other planet, traveling to Mars too is ain’t easy. The precise duration of every journey depends on when and at what time it is taken. It takes 21 months i.e 2 years approximately to be on Mars and to get back from there.

All in all, the trip of astronauts to Mars takes 21 months as, it takes 9 months to get there, 3 months to be there, and 9 months to get back from there, which makes 21 months in total. It takes this much time to stay on Mars for astronauts because of various factors including lack of water and oxygen at the top.


Besides these two factors, the factors which make it so long i.e 21 months for astronauts to stay on Mars are harmful radiations, different atmospheric variations, and conditions that keep changing on Mars as the atmospheric conditions on Mars possess much more variations than any other planet.


Traveling to different planets is one of the most deadliest and adventurous experiences one can have, which possess a lot of thrill and danger at the same time. There is a scarcity of a variety of things on different planets and besides all the scarcity of the two life-saving things i.e oxygen and water whose scarcity makes a person unable to breathe.

Mars is one of the planets whose atmospheric variations are way different than any other planet and it requires a lot of things to be prepared before being on Mars.



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  1. I have always been very interested in the work of astronauts and the details of their missions. How interesting it would be to experience the exploration of other planets!

  2. The dangers posed by such missions are quite concerning, yet the pursuit of knowledge and exploration drives these astronauts to achieve great things.

  3. The resilience and resourcefulness of astronauts in overcoming the obstacles of space travel is truly extraordinary.

  4. The complexities involved in traveling to Mars highlight the incredible feats of human ingenuity and bravery.

  5. The conditions and time frame for staying on Mars demonstrate the complexities and difficulties of space travel.

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  7. The mission to Mars presents a unique set of challenges that test the limits of human exploration and discovery.

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  9. The mission to Mars presents so many obstacles, yet humanity continues to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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