How Long Would Each Skip Of The Hypersoar Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 minutes (approx)

An aircraft, whenever reaches the velocity above Mach 5 or 3600 miles each hour achieves Hypersonic speed. The SR-71 aircraft built by NASA is the world’s fastest aircraft. It is right above Mach 3.

On the other hand, the HyperSoar is a B-52 size aircraft. The prospects of this aircraft range from a bomber as well as a recon. The concept and execution of this aircraft are in the works by the University of Maryland and US DoE’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

How Long Would Each Skip Of The Hypersoar Take

How Long Would Each Skip Of The Hypersoar Take?

The build and design of the HyperSoar are different from the conventional aircraft. Therefore, if correctly launched this aircraft will be capable of delivering from one place to any corner of the earth in two hours. Each skip of the HyperSoar takes about two minutes approximately therefore it will be able to fly for a couple of hours without the need to refuel.

With the speed of over Mach 10 and the altitudes, it will fly in, tracking it will be next to impossible. The creators of this aircraft say that this technology will be capable of flying only at the age of space that is around 60 km.

The skips, ranging from 1 to 2 minutes, will be able to reach from Japan to the US in only about an hour. A total of 25 skips and two points across the globe will be just half an hour away. With each skip angled at only 5°, the passengers inside the aircraft will feel the pressure just like sitting in a swing at a park. The force will be 1.5 GS, which will be a very smooth ride.

Each skip of the Hypersoar, taking 2 minutes, will be able to cover the distance of 450 kilometers, with a powerup of 39 kilometers. And it will double up with the altitude from the place of its coast. It will turn up to power as soon as it reaches the earth’s atmosphere and turns off its machinery to coast back. This process will repeat until it manages to reach the destination.

Points on GlobeTime
The USA to Japan1.5 hours
Los Angeles to New York30 minutes

Why Would Each Skip Of The Hypersoar Take That Long?

All of the earlier concepts have the problem of heat building upon the inner surface of this aircraft and also in other major aircraft components due to friction with the atmosphere. On the other hand, a better model will of the HyperSoar plane experience fewer chances of heating because it would spend much of its flight out of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Additionally, if there is any heat the aircraft picks up when it is skipping down back into the atmosphere it can easily cool down due to the temperature.

The newer concepts of a Hypersoar involves less heat buildup inside which is quite challenging. The skipping motion of a HyperSoar allows it to ascend to around 130000 feet outside the atmosphere of the Earth.

The aerodynamic features of this vehicle include rocket boosters and in the Hypersoar there are engines. This will help in reducing the problem of heat as well as technical faults.

The skips of a HyperSoar include a mix of airstream and fuel which in turn reduce combustion.HyperSoar has a promised fuel efficiency compared to today’s commercial airplanes. Some of the applications that a Hypersoar can reach are:

  • It will be useful for importing and exporting Freight from one counter or continent to another
  • A Passenger aircraft as people will be able to travel from one point of the earth to another in an hour
  • It will be incredible as a Space lift


A budget of around 140 million dollars will help in making advances in technologies when talking about the Hypersoar. With successful experiments on small-scale projects, a larger prototype is something to look forward to. It uses similar techniques when it comes to a hypersonic and unpiloted air-breathing vehicle system.

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