Difference Between AKC and CKC (With Table)

Difference Between AKC and CKC (With Table)

If a person owns a dog, then the probability is high that the dog is registered with one of the official registering bodies. The choice of the clubs depends upon the location and the breed of dogs. Although AKC and CKC sound similar, they differ in their registration process, breed standards of each organization, etc. AKC and CKC are two of the most prominent clubs responsible for the registration of dogs worldwide.


The main difference between AKC and CKC is that AKC asks for only those dogs whose parents are AKC registered, whereas for CKC, this is not a mandatory parameter. Only the dog’s mother must be CKC registered, while the father only requires a certificate from an AKC-affiliated organization.


One of the most renowned, oldest, and reputed organizations, the AKC (American Kennel Club) was established in the 1880s. It is one of the most known and has established a benchmark of perfection in this competition. It is the only established nonprofit organization in America so far.

Established in 1991, CKC is the outcome of a family-based business initiated by George Fontenot. The CKC is not strict compared to AKC and does not have a fixed set of parameters for registration. Adding on, it also provides free registration for the whole litter. The CKC doesn’t charge for the registration of litter.

Comparison Table Between AKC and CKC

Parameters of ComparisonAKCCKC
AbbreviationAmerican Kennel ClubContinental Kennel Club
Establishment yearWestminster Kennel Club Dog Show,  the AKC National Dog Show, and the AKC National Championship.The AKC only does registrations for those dogs that already have their parents registered in the AKC 
Breeds registered so far150450
Process of registrationThe AKC only does registrations for those dogs that already have their parents registered in the AKC It doesn’t have any specificity in registration. It goes for both pure and mixed breeds.
Major eventsThe AKC only does registrations for those dogs that already have their parents registered in the AKC.Every Dog Club Fall Show, Douglas Farms Show Club Fall Show.
Registration chargesAKC charges registration fees for both the canines and litters as well.While CKC charges only for canine registration.

What is AKC?

AKC flexes about its stupendous history and already set norms and standards. It is a benchmark for the organizations of purebred dog pedigrees in the USA. The AKC dates back to the 1880s and became the only nonprofit kennel club in 1956 in the United States.

AKC hosts many competitions for breeds, including modern technologies, such as DNA testing, to verify the registration of only purebred dogs with no mixed traits. Furthermore, it is very interesting to note that AKC is not a member of the World Canine Organization, which suggests that it is a brand.  

Its purebred dog breeds are divided into 7 groups: Terrier, Hound, Sporting, Sporting, Working, Toy, and Herding. The dog’s parents must be registered with AKC to become a part of the AKC, apart from other organization eligibility criteria.

What is CKC?

Continental Kennel Club is a commercial club that registers purebred dogs. Unlike the AKC, the CKC has recognized 450 breeds of dogs along with a registry of growing new breeds. For the registration process, the owner needs to submit 3 pictures of the dog to verify the pedigree, as well as any two testimonies that can testify to the dog’s authenticity. 

Furthermore, the club runs a “PAW Evaluation Program,” where the owners submit information to validate that their dogs are purebred and, thus, eligible for registration with the club. This organization also registers new breeds of dogs.

However, the CKC is being criticized for its flexible process of registration. Many owners are apprehensive of the intermixing of their dogs with mixed-breed dogs. The owners do not want to compromise with some specific looks and traits found only in purebred dogs. Many have termed CKC as a puppy mill due to this fear.

Main Differences Between AKC and CKC

  1. AKC rules and policies are stricter than those of CKC’s as they only go for purebred dogs whose parents are registered with the club too, which is not necessary in the case of CKC
  2. While the CKC faces criticism for mixed breeds of dogs, the AKC does for the evil practice of inbreeding by breeders. This leads to the propagation of hereditary genetic disorders within the dog breeds.
  3. The registration fees of AKC are comparatively higher than CKC’s as it charges for both the canines and the litters, unlike CKC, which gives free registration for the whole of litters.
  4. AKC has only 150 registered dog breeds, whereas CKC has over 450 in their club.
  5. AKC is a much older club in the USA (1880s) when hardly any such clubs were around. CKC is a new player in this club game, established in 1991.


Dogs are one of the most adorable creatures on this planet earth. They love their owners faithfully and unconditionally; therefore, the owners leave no stone unturned to make their pets a counting family member by doing all sorts of standard fancy arrangements.

Both the AKC and CKC are prominent players in these level playing fields with their pros and cons. The most specific markable difference between the two is the kind of breeds they allow for registration. AKC only goes for purely bred dogs by testing their DNA samples, and CKC does not discriminate between pure and mixed breeds of dogs.

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