Difference Between AMSTAFF and APBT (With Table)

Difference Between AMSTAFF and APBT (With Table)

The American Staffordshire Terrier and American Pitbull Terrier are classified as Pitbull category dogs, or “bully breeds.” As a result, you will quickly notice a lot of parallels among them.

American Staffordshire Terriers are relatively shorter than British Staffordshire Terriers but are substantially heavier. The appearance of American Pitbull Terriers is much more athletic.

In terms of appearance, both breeds are remarkable. They have a menacing appearance, according to some. Regardless of their differences, both breeds are giant softies at heart. Most people mistakenly believe they are all the same breed (although they aren’t). Both breeds are frequently compared to American Bulldogs.

The American Staffordshire Terrier shall be notified as AMSTAFF in this article, while the American Pitbull Terrier will be addressed as the APBT.


The main difference between AMSTAFF and APBT is that the AMSTAFF are shorter in height and are more affectionate, protective, and intelligent. On the other hand, APBT is taller and heavier than AMSTAFF; also, they are pretty aggressive and have more physical strength by nature.

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AMSTAFF dogs originated in England, in which they were valued as companions, agricultural workers, guard dogs, and dogfighters. These dogs do admirably in aspects of sympathy, kindness, defensiveness, energy, intellect, and human sensitivity. They get along seamlessly when they socialize with children throughout their early years.

APBTs were utilized as family pets and guardians and for livestock management in the beginning. They have already been shown to be useful as police and guide dogs. APBTs are known for their passion, willingness, excellent pain tolerance, combat prowess, and aggressiveness.

Comparison Table Between AMSTAFF and APBT 

Parameters of comparisonAMSTAFFAPBT
BuiltThe AMSTAFF is bulkier and taller.They can be black, brown, gray, red and yellow.
ColorThey can be black, blue, brown, or white.They can be black, blue, brown, or white.
BehaviorThe AMSTAFF is very friendly with children and adults and calm and cheerful in behaviour.The APBT is very easy to please but have a short temper and can be aggressive and violent sometimes.
Lifespan10-15 years12-16 years
ActiveHighly energeticThey are energetic too and loves walking and playing

What is AMSTAFF?

AMSTAFF, whose full name is American Staffordshire terrier, is a moderate dog that emerged in the United States and is among the numerous breeds commonly referred to as pit bulls. 

The AMSTAFF should give the appearance of being of exceptional quality for its size, a trained dog who is dependable while still being lithe and quick, and very aware of his surroundings. 

To maintain muscle tone, AMSTAFF requires daily exercise. They enjoy taking long walks and enjoying the yard.  

Although the Amstaff is known for being a guard dog, they seem more inclined to greet visitors with a tail wagging and loads of friendliness. Perhaps its size and appearance may be enough to keep attackers at bay.

The dog’s name was switched to American Staffordshire Terrier on January 1, 1969, because American breeders had developed an assortment that was bigger in weight than the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. The nomenclature change was made to reflect their status as divided breeds.

What is APBT?

APBT’s are a breed of dog known for their violent nature. They are defined as dogs from the North American region with larger bodies and tougher structures to catch and flee.

They have such a heavier body, making it more straightforward to run quickly. They prefer to prey on some other species, but they can be less fierce and a rare domestic animal if carefully petted.

They dislike being in the sun for long periods and start acting in ways contrary to their normal behaviour. Their heights are higher than the ordinary Bulldog, and for some reason, they are not as well-known in other areas. 

Main Differences Between AMSTAFF and APBT 

  1. The AMSTAFF is a medium-sized, muscular dog with a lively and affectionate personality, whereas the APBT is most content when its family is close by. Although they are fantastic companions for people, they can be violent with other dogs if they are not socialized as puppies.
  2. AMSTAFF are a breed that is clever and ready to please, making them one of the easiest to teach. This breed also appreciates daily exercise, such as 20-30 minute walks, and APBTs do, too! Participating in daily walks with your APBT to play with them inside will make them feel appreciated while keeping a better and healthier weight.
  3. The AMSTAFF is vulnerable to minor health problems like elbow abnormalities and hypothyroidism. In contrast, the ABPT seems to have some genetic issues to be careful of, like hip fractures and kneecap dislocation. Slight skin problems, such as mange, can affect this breed.
  4. When contrasted to the AMSTAFF, the APBT is acknowledged to be more gentle, loving, and pleasant to all people. However, the AMSTAFF is still a very nice and friendly dog. The APBT is more prone to be hostile against other dogs, a significant distinction between the two breeds.
  5. The AMSTAFF’s fur colour can be black, blue, white, brown, grey, red, or yellow, and it may also include mixtures, whereas the American APBT fur colour can be black, blue, white, brown, grey, red, or yellow.


The AMSTAFF and the APBT are people-oriented, friendly, and cheerful family pets despite their undeserved reputations as aggressive and deadly creatures.

Since these two breeds may appear identical, there are minor distinctions between them. The AMSTAFF is a shorter, stockier breed that prefers to relax rather than engage in strenuous activity. The APBT, the other hand, is a little taller, has a much more athletic build, and enjoys running, playing, and doing agility courses.

Ultimately, both types are people-friendly, intelligent, and devoted and will protect their masters and families at any cost. Both species produce affectionate and excellent companions in the hands of an aggressive and loyal owner.

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