Difference Between WandaVision, Wanda and Sword (With Table)

Difference Between WandaVision, Wanda and Sword (With Table)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is a unified universe and multimedia property centered on a sequence of Marvel Studios blockbusters. Superheroes inspire the movies in Marvel Comics’ American comic novels. Television shows, short movies, digital shows, and novels are all part of the franchise.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where nothing takes place by chance, WandaVision, Wanda, and Sword have made a cameo.

Whereas the sword symbol is new to the MCU, it has a long history in the Marvel universe, where it signifies SWORD, a SHIELD subsidiary dedicated to alien hunting.

WandaVision vs Wanda vs Sword 

The main difference between WandaVision, Wanda, and Sword is that WandaVision is a new Marvel TV series that has become popular because of plot twists. In contrast, Wanda is a character playing the role of a witch in the Marvel movies. On the other hand, the Sword is an intelligence agency. 

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The WandaVision is a television show aired in 2021 and has become popular because of the characters and actors. The three seasons have been released, based on a series of Marvel collections.

Wanda is a lead actor playing the role of a witch in Marvel Universe movies and has gained a large fan following. Elizabeth Olsen played the role. She made her debut in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and became a part of the Marvel series after that. 

The Sword is an intelligence agency that monitors extraterrestrial activities outside the Earth’s surface and prevents any alien invasion into the Earth. It is different from that of the Shield, and it remains in outer space only. Abigail Brand is the head of Sword.

Comparison Table Between WandaVision, Wanda, and Sword 

Parameters of comparisonWandaVisionWanda Sword  
Definition It is an American TV series featuring wanda and vision.She appeared in the Marvel movie Captain America. It is a fictional character from the MCU known as Scarlet Witch.
Debut Made debut in January 2021She appeared in the marvel movie Captain America. This first appeared in astonishing X-men.
Type American TV short movieShe is a powerful character in the Avengers movie series.It is an intelligence agency to prevent alien attacks. 
Genre Drama, mystery, romanceFantasy Science fiction

What is WandaVision?

Marvel has undertaken its fair share of responsibility since its dynastic reign at the theatres began in 2008, dabbling with—and in specific ways, creating—a plethora of superheroes in different genres.

Despite how bizarre and diversified the Marvel Cinematic Universe has evolved, no addition has sounded as outlandish as WandaVision, Marvel’s inaugural effort at developing a sitcom.

The name was unveiled in April, and the program centers on the Avengers’ Wanda Maximoff and Vision (Wanda + Vision = WandaVision—you get it), and every element revealed since then has just added to the show is developing intrigue.

Marvel Studios did not have any WandaVision images to entice its devoted following of Marvel fans, but somehow it did do have something fascinating to share:

What is Wanda?

Wanda and Vision moments from Avengers: Infinity War and Captain America: Civil War have been blended together along with clips from The Dick Van Dyke Show in this picture.

Wanda is a Marvel Comics mythical figure best known as the Scarlet Witch, which Elizabeth Olsen played. Wanda lived in childhood innocence for a brief time until regional difficulties concerning her family split her and their brother, forcing her to conceal her increasing talents.

Wanda’s supernatural skills derive from a two-fold foundation: unrivaled mastery of genuine magic and an innate ability to bend reality. 

What is a Sword?

Sword is a fictional organization of the marvel series known as Sentient Worlds Observation and Response Department, an Earth-based intelligence agency responsible for alien affairs. S.W.O.R.D. Collaborates with the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate, or S.H.I.E.L.D., an international law enforcement body.

Abigail Brand, a half-human, half-alien fusion capable of generating burning power in her hands, is the current head of S.W.O.R.D., rendering her a prime fit to command SWORD’s space station, Peak.

Main Differences Between WandaVision, Wanda, and Sword 

  1. WandaVision is a famous American Marvel series with the Avengers character. Wanda is a fictional character in MCU, and Elizabeth Olsen is featured in the movie as Scarlet Witch. In contrast, the Sword is an imaginary intelligence organization of MCU that looks into the matter of aliens.
  1. The WandaVision series was inaugurated in 2021 and has three parts now. Wanda made her first appearance in Captain America. The Sword was first featured in Astonishing X-men.
  1. The main leads of the WandaVision show are Vision and Wanda, who are a couple, whereas Wanda is herself a known character in the Marvel series. The Sword is commanded by a fictional character Abigail Brand.
  1. WandaVision is created in short movies and has seasons, whereas Wanda has a strong reputation in the Avengers Marvel movie. The Sword works in outer space to counter alien strikes on Earth.
  1. The genre of Wanda movies is Fantasy and drama with magic, whereas the WandaVision genre is Drama, Romance, Mystery. The Sword genre is Science Fiction.


WandaVision, Wanda, and the Sword have all been inspired by Marvel Comics. MCU is not complete without any of the trios. WandaVision was founded in the United States, namely in New Jersey. 

Wanda Maximoff’s story begins in Sokovia as a Scarlet Witch. Vision is Wanda’s romantic partner. Vision and Wanda are a couple and have a tragic ending in the Endgame movie. They both got love and appreciation from the viewers, and both are featured in WandaVision as a prominent lead pair. 

Sword likewise makes its Marvel Universe appearance, although exclusively with WandaVision. Sword is a fantasy organization that first appeared in Marvel Comics’ X-Men. It is an analog to Shield. Each of them seems to have a crucial role in the MCU. Wanda and Sword team up to fight the enemy in WandaVision.

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