Future Value of $1 Table Creator

Future Value of $1 Table Creator

  • Enter the initial Principal amount.
  • Specify the Annual Interest Rate in percentage.
  • Enter the number of years for the investment.
  • Choose the compounding frequency (Annually, Semi-Annually, Quarterly, Monthly).
  • Optionally, enter the Annual Contribution and Annual Withdrawal.
  • Select the chart type (Line Chart or Bar Chart).
  • Click "Calculate Table" to generate the results and chart.
  • Click "Clear" to reset the input and results.
  • Click "Copy Table" to copy the table to the clipboard.
YearPrincipalInterest EarnedContributionWithdrawalFuture ValueExplanation

The future value of $1 table creator is a useful financial tool for generating a table of future values of $1 invested today over different time periods and interest rates. It illustrates the time value of money concept.


The tool creates a table using the formula:

Future Value of $1 = (1 + r)^n


r = interest rate per period

n = number of compounding periods

This formula calculates how $1 grows over time when compounded at a periodic interest rate. The tool computes this for different rates and time periods to demonstrate the exponential growth.


Key features of the tool:

  • Flexible interest rates and periods
  • Compound interest annually, quarterly, etc.
  • Table view shows future value growth
  • Charts illustrate compounding effect visually
  • Shows impact of higher interest rates
  • Illustrates long term growth power
  • Downloadable and printable tables
  • Useful teaching aid about time value


Benefits of the future value of $1 table:

  • Visualize exponential growth of compound interest
  • Grasp the significant impact of higher interest rates over long timeframes
  • Demonstrates power of compounding even at low rates
  • Help better understand time value of money problems
  • Support financial education and retirement planning
  • Useful aid for both students and investors


Typical applications:

  • Personal finance and investing education
  • Retirement planning calculations
  • Building financial literacy skills
  • Understanding time value of money concept
  • Classroom tool for teaching compound interest
  • Comparing investment instruments


The future value of $1 table creator provides an easy way to generate tables and charts to visualize the compound growth of money over time. It offers valuable insights into the exponential power of compounding. The tool helps reinforce the time value of money concept and supports better financial decision making.


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