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  • Enter the bill amount, tip percentage, and the number of people.
  • Click "Calculate Tip" to calculate the tip amount, total amount, and amount per person.
  • Use the "Clear Results" button to reset the form and start a new calculation.
  • Click "Copy Results" to copy the calculated results to the clipboard.
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A tip calculator is a useful tool for quickly and easily calculating the tip amount and total bill including tip for any food service. It is based on simple percentage calculations.


The tip calculator works on the following basic formula:

Tip amount = Bill total x Tip percentage

Total with tip = Bill amount + Tip amount


Bill total = Pre-tip amount of the bill

Tip percentage = Customer’s preferred tip rate (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, etc.)


Key features of a typical tip calculator:

  • User inputs bill amount and select tip percentage
  • Defaults to standard tip rates – 15%, 20%, etc.
  • Option to enter custom tip percentage
  • Calculates tip amount for given percentage
  • Adds tip to bill total for final amount
  • Split totals for group dining based on number of people
  • Round-off option for tip amount
  • Cash payment option to get change owed


Benefits of using the tip calculator:

  • Saves time calculating tips manually
  • Eliminates math errors doing tip calculations
  • Easy way to split bills for group dining
  • Provides accurate tip amounts based on custom percentages
  • Calculates change amount for cash payments including tip
  • Handy tool for everyday restaurant dining


The tip calculator has many uses:

  • Dining at restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.
  • Tipping food delivery drivers
  • Calculating tips for taxi/rideshare services
  • Tipping hotel housekeeping staff
  • Determining gratuity for tour guides, porters
  • Splitting bills at restaurants with groups


The tip calculator provides a quick and convenient way to accurately estimate tips for meals, cab rides, and various services. By automating the basic percentage calculations, it makes tipping easy for any situation. The bill splitting feature is handy for group dining. With its many benefits and applications, the tip calculator takes the math out of tipping.

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