How Long After Adding Bromine To Hot Tub (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Minutes

Most living beings maintain personal hygiene by bathing at regular intervals. Generally, humans use different methods of bathing. They can shower to have a fresh start. Or they may also use tub baths in hydrotherapy or physical therapy. We can also use hot water for this purpose. However, if we use swimming pools or hot tubs, the water is stored for some time.

This may pave the way for bacteria to enter the water. Hence hot tubs should be cleaned at regular intervals. Chlorine is used in swimming pools or hot tubs To remove germs in the water. However, many people are sensitive to the chemical chlorine. So we use Bromine tubs for killing bacteria present in water. 

How Long After Adding Bromine To Hot Tub

How Long After Adding Bromine To Hot Tub 

Bromine is the most common cleansing agent used in hot tubs, while we use chlorine mostly in swimming pools. Moreover, bromine has many advantages over chlorine in different aspects. Generally, the bromine level in water should be 3-5ppm, depending upon the usage. If we add bromine to the hot tub, the pH level should be approximately equal to 7, which means it should be either neutral or less essential. 

While adding bromine or chlorine to the water, we need to wait for some time. Bromine is more stable at higher temperatures when compared to chlorine. Hence it is used in hot water tubs. As chlorine is not stable at higher temperatures, it is rarely employed in hot tubs. It is also not necessary to apply frequently. 

Moreover, it takes some time for the bromine level to drop. If we add a high amount of Bromine, it nearly takes twenty-four hours to lower bromine levels. If we add prescribed levels, then it may take two hours. The oxidation process does not take as fast as chlorine in the case of Bromine. 

It takes less time for the chlorine to dissolve in the hot tub as it is unstable. For non-chlorine shock, it also takes less time to dissolve.  Each of the chemicals has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence we can use them depending upon the type of usage of the hot tub. 

Bromine To Hot Tub
ChemicalTime Taken to Dissolve in Hot Tub
Bromine30 Minutes
Chlorine20 Minutes
Non-Chlorine Shock10 Minutes

Why Does Bromine Take That Long After Adding to Hot Tub  

Bromine takes too long to dissolve in water. It is estimated that bromine tablets take nearly seven days to dissolve on their own without using any catalyst. Hence it can kill the harmful bacteria effectively. The pH level of the chemical is instrumental in balancing the water as it has a low pH value. 

Although bromine takes more time to dissolve, we should not mix chlorine and bromine as it is a dangerous reaction. If you consider changing the sanitizer, we need to remove the entire water we used before and use it with fresh water. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid any severe compilations.

It is essential to test the bromine levels in the hot tub. It can be done with the help of Bromine test strips. These give the information of how much bromine is present in water instantly. The Bromine level should be in the range of 3-5mg/l. If Bromine levels are more, we can dilute the water. 

Bromine To Hot Tub

Bromine has its disadvantages which are likely to be less than chlorine. If the Bromine levels are less than recommended, it may be responsible for transmitting infections. Moreover, it does not provide any protection against UV degradation. The chemical odor is also profuse when compared to chlorine. These are the reasons for which Bromine has drawbacks. 

When the pH levels or the ppm levels of Bromine in the hot tub are not as per the recommended values, then we need to change the levels of Bromine and wait for at least 30 minutes to show the results. This process continues until the Bromine levels are as per the prescribed levels.  


We use sanitizers like Bromine for only inside spas in Hot tubs as they do not provide any protection against UV rays. For outside purposes, we use Chlorine. However, many issues related to skin allergies occur due to prolonged exposure to Bromine in water. To avoid such situations, we need to spend less time in such hot tubs. 

After a long time of usage of the same water in the hot tub, there forms a foam, mainly due to oils and fats removed from the outer surface of our skin. We can also see bubbles forming on the surface of the water. These, in the long run, can also affect the skin. Hence it is advised to replace the water at regular intervals. 



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