How Long After CBD Can I Breastfeed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 days

Pregnancy is one thing but postpartum life comes with a lot of surplus challenges. The most common is postpartum depression. One in five women suffers from this. Some other side effects like anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, hormonal shift, etc.

So CBD or Cannabidiol is used to address anxiety and insomnia and other chronic pains. It is prescribed by doctors to mothers who are suffering from insomnia for a long time after delivery. CBD drugs may help them to fall asleep. CBD is called cannabidiol, which is a component of marijuana or hemp. To date, it was not found that CBD could have a dependence potential.

How Long After CBD Can I Breastfeed

How Long After CBD Can I Breastfeed?

Minimum time to breastfeed after CBD6 days
Maximum time to breastfeed after CBD10 days

When we are talking about breastfeeding then it is not only the best thing for your child. Breastfeeding is good for you too. Even for the environment, it is a good sign. Breastfeeding could help your baby in many ways which include:

1) It will reduce the risk of obesity.
2) The risk of developing type-1 diabetes is also lessened by breastfeeding.
3) Sudden infant death syndrome or (SIDS), is a type of unexpected death of a baby less than one-year-old. Breastfeeding could act against (SIDS).
4) It could minimize the risk of diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation.

So it’s best to choose a mother’s breast milk for the baby. It is the healthiest and safest food for your baby. It could be easily digested and nourished with all such elements which your baby needs. At least 6months of breastfeeding is needed for better mental health and development of the baby. But is it safe to breastfeed after having CBD? However, the research is still going on about the question. THC could indeed pass through the mother’s milk and can cause harm to the baby. That is the reason why CBD oil which contains traces of THC is not recommended to the mother during breastfeeding.


Your doctor may suggest you use THC-free, organic CBD products. Using CBD may pass low levels of psychoactive products to your baby. That’s why doctors say it’s best to avoid CBD during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. It’s not exactly known for how long CBD does stay in your system. But some studies say that it may stay for a short time, a few days or a week.

Why Can I Breastfeed So Long After CBD?

Dr. Williams once said it is not like alcohol you drink and it will be out of your system in a few hours. So this method couldn’t be applied in this case as we have no idea if there is still CBD in your breast milk or not. As there is no accurate study for how long CBD stays in our body. Now the FDA has currently unregulated CBD use. That’s why the safety of taking it while breastfeeding is not known exactly. So why take the risk!

CBD exposure to babies could cause symptoms like lethargy, somnolence, blood sugar abnormalities, or even coma. FDA said that levels of THC in your breast milk could impact negatively on a baby’s brain development. These are the only effects known to date but further you don’t know. So it’s better if you avoid CBD and other cannabinoids.

But you can use CBD salves and balms topically. This is said to be safer than oral consumption. As this is not entering your bloodstream directly. In some reports, it’s been cleared that you should be okay while taking CBD topically for sore muscles and nipples. But you should clean the area before nursing your baby. Make sure you have talked with your doctor about this.


But those who came newly to motherhood and are affected by postpartum challenges. There are some alternatives to CBD. Some Doctors suggest talk therapy for the new mom group and may prescribe SSRIs ( selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). It is a safe and effective treatment plan for you.


Research says postpartum depression could last for more than a year. So if you want CBD badly then go for its alternatives. Talk therapy works wonderfully for the depressed mother. Some people think it’s not a genuine health condition. But sometimes this could be a real illness and can cause real symptoms.

All they need is the right treatment and support to recover themselves. In addition to that, new mothers have to talk to the physician about the treatment plan that can be safe for their baby. Great diet, regular exercise, standard psychotherapy, and supportive relationships with family and friends during this time is primarily needed.


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