How Long After Aeration Golf (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks

Every person in this world has a dream of working in a job that has a lot of money. To make that dream turn into reality each of them studies hard. They become so engrossed in the books that they forget about their surroundings. Even if they get that job, they start taking the job too much seriously. People forget that just like studying and working, it also important to stay physically and mentally by doing exercises and playing games.



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To stay fit, the best way is to play outdoor games, like football, hockey, golf, cricket, etc. It will make the person feel refreshed. All the outdoor games are played on some kind of court or ground. To make the game work smoothly, the grounds and courts need to be taken care of. The golf field requires aeration and it takes at least 2 weeks for the players to resume playing after the aeration process.

How Long After Aeration Golf

How Long After Aeration Golf?

Aeration For 100 Acres2 Weeks
Aeration For More Than 100 Acres> 2 Weeks

The 2 weeks for aeration is completely normal in the case of a golf field. A golf field is huge in length. It covers a vast area of land which stretches for more than 100 acres. The whole ground is covered in green grass without the exception of a few spots which are purposely done for the sake of the game. Due to the huge area, aeration will take time to fully take place. The 2 weeks 2 time is a minimum, it can extend depending upon the size of the ground.

Aeration is the process in which a vast amount of gaseous exchange takes place between the soil and the atmosphere. Aeration is very important for any kind of ground which is covered in grass. It helps in making the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the soil stable. It helps the roots of the grass and microorganisms present in the soil respire. Aeration helps the inorganic soil become organic.

The roots of the plants can respire because of the pores in the soil which are opened due to aeration. Not only golf course but any kind of outdoor games which are played on the field needs grass. It is so because most sports require physical contact. If any one of them falls, they will not get seriously injured, but if the field was made of concrete or stone then it would result in a disaster.

The golf course is left not out after aeration. The mowers and rollers are brought and the grasses are chopped down to a definite size so that it would not hamper the game’s flow in any way.

Why Does It Take Long To Golf After Aeration?

Not only the players, but the viewers also want a steady game without any problem so that they can be entertained to the fullest. They paid for the tickets and so do not want any kind of hindrance. To prevent any kind of hindrance, it is very important to let the golf course go through the aeration process at least for a couple of weeks. It may seem a bit long but it is for the benefit of the game.

The aeration depends on the type of soil of the golf course, the type of grasses, its length, weather, etc. Some of the golf courses are let to aerate at least two to three times a year for the betterment of the soil. Most of the time it is done during a healthy turf that is actively growing so that it does not take much time for recovery. The aeration also prevents water from logging on the golf course.

Rolling spikes are used to make holes in the golf course during the aeration process. The holes made, let the excess water evaporate into the atmosphere. Grasses also have different types. For example, Bentgrass is aerated in the springtime while the Poa Annua, is done during the wintertime. With aeration, sprinklers are also installed in the ground so there is proper watering to the grass.


Golf is a sport which is enjoyed all over the world. A lot of sports personalities belong to this sport. But there are a lot of people who are behind the scenes who work hard for the players and the viewers to have a smooth experience. They test the soil, plant the grass, carry out the aeration process, waters the field to make the grasses soft. Before aeration, it is very important to test the soil first.

If it is inorganic soil, organic matters should be decomposed and then aeration should be done. Otherwise, the grass will not get the nutrients properly, which may delay the recovery.


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