How Long After Aeration Can I Water (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 1-2 weeks

We all desire to own a lush green healthy lawn. However, making this wish come true won’t be too difficult if we amalgamate our correct efforts along with the correct nutrients. If all these constituents are amalgamated along with proper time, then one can get their dream lawn where they can walk even barefoot. If one has proper experience with taking care of the lawn, then the task becomes relatively easy.



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The three steps to having such a beautiful lawn are:- aerating, overseeding, and watering. However bare the lawn may be, the proper amount of care, nutrition, and time can do wonders to the piece of land thereby making it productive and greeny.

How Long After Aeration Can I Water

How Long After Aeration Can I Water?

In rainy seasons1 week
In dry seasons3-4 weeks

The most common symptoms of lawn which you should keep in mind include the appearance of bareness and thinness in the lawn and grass. This may be because the daily activities in the lawn may have compacted the soil of the lawn. While proper aeration can help getting rid of these compacts, proper watering is even essential after aeration. If you talk to a professional, then he/she would use some gadgets to get the aeration done properly within adequate timing.

If aeration is done properly, then it would help to remove the plugs of soil or depositions from the roots of the grass. It would even increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the soil thereby making it suitable to be used for lawn. The area of contact between the soil and the sown seeds would be increased by this. After aeration, one needs to load the lawn with seeds. Overseed the properly, including the areas which had patches of bareness.

After aeration and overseeding, the most important step is to keep the lawn in moist condition. However, the type of soil of the lawn should be kept in mind in this step. The heavy clay particles take a comparatively long time for saturation as compared to the sandier clay particles. After this one should water the soil. Watering doesn’t mean you should submerge the soil in water. The soil needs to keep moist all the time.

Keeping in mind the weather condition, one should determine the frequency and time gap of watering. Water the lawn about three to four times a day if the weather is hot. However, if the weather is cool, then you should water the lawn about two times a day. In rainy weather, one can water once a day. This should be carried on for at least 15 days till the seed start the process of germination. The frequency of watering can be reduced when the seeds germinate.

Why Should One Wait So Long To Water After Aeration?

During summer seasons, lawns need comparatively more water. However, this is not always true. Sometimes, even during winter seasons, lawns fall dry and patches are found. Proper watering can increase the rates of germination by about 95%. It can even turn those valuable seeds into beautiful grass which would have been wasted. However, if your lawn doesn’t produce appropriate results, then the most probable reason may be the lack of water.

All of us have a thought that watering is relatively easy. However, there are a few tricks and techniques which one should know to water the lawn efficiently. New seedlings don’t have the advanced root system as that of the old ones. Hence, these seedlings demand extra attention during the first few months. Watering shouldn’t be stopped midway as it may lead to the death of those new seedlings. A sprinkler system, if used, is the best option. An automated one would not only make the job easier but also provide water according to the necessity of each place.

During watering, you should try to avoid stepping on tender regions of the lawn. Doing this may lead to the destruction of seeds and seedlings. Before the process of germination, the watering process should be done frequently in low amounts. Watering for about 20 minutes daily at least two times may prove beneficial. After five to six weeks of germination, this process of watering must be done at least 3 times a week. Watering sessions should not exceed more than one hour.

If water reaches the deep roots of the plant, then it would facilitate the proper development of roots. If nature doesn’t help in the process and contributes to raining, the watering sessions should be maintained at the usual pace without interruption. The timing of watering sessions should be kept fixed and the natural rainfall should also be kept in mind.


However, if you hire some services provided by lawn care companies, then you would rest hassle-free. The team of the company along with their experts would assess the lawn and would carry out all the processes as suitable for the lawn. While you hire the service, make sure you keep a close watch on all their activities. This would help you to know the proper steps and techniques to be followed during the processes. This would even save you from future investment.

Watering should be done regularly and frequently until the seeds start germinating. During the process of germination, proper care is extremely crucial. Without proper training, it would be difficult to get a greeny lawn.


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