How Long After Affidavit Of Support Is Interview (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Months

People like to travel to foreign countries to have a good time during a vacation or sometimes they travel due to official duties. These are only two of the reasons out of the many as of why the people travel to foreign countries. Traveling to different places inside the country and traveling outside the country are two different things and require different procedures to follow.

Just like that when people come from foreign countries, they also need to follow a few procedures. The affidavit of support is for one of such purposes. It is generally after 2 months of filling the form for affidavit of support that the interview takes place.

How Long After Affidavit Of Support Is Interview

How Long After Affidavit Of Support Is Interview?

NormalWithin 2 Months
ExceptionMore Than 2 Months

The interview is conducted after 2 months of submitting the affidavit of support. The interview can happen before or before the mentioned time. 2 months is the most common gap but under certain circumstances, a few changes may be made from the NVC or the U.S. consulate. Affidavit of support not only means filling a form but also requires the person to submit other official documents for proof and financial position.

There are a lot of people who come from other countries to stay in the U.S. permanently. They do not have a place to stay and are termed, immigrants. The affidavit of support helps such people to stand on their own feet. When someone signs a form of affidavit of support after going through all the details, that person is taking the whole responsibility of the sponsored immigrant.


Starting from legal to financial responsibility, the person has to take care of everything until the immigrant becomes a legal and permanent resident of the country. The immigrant first needs to fill the immigrant petition on behalf of the intending immigrant. The affidavit of support has an end point too. It ends when the sponsored immigrant has been established as a U.S. citizen or has been working for the last 1o years.

The sponsored immigrant may or may not be a single person. In case it is a family, when one of the residents of the family becomes a U.S. citizen or works for 10 years, the contract comes to an end.

Why Does It Take Long To Interview After Affidavit Of Support?

The time given for the interview after the affidavit of support is completely normal. The NVC or the U.S. consulate has a lot of files under them that they need to check and the files given by other applicants also need to be checked. Not only the form, but the financial statements are to be checked as well. Keeping everything in mind the 2 month time fine. There may be exceptions but most of the time it is perfect.

There are a lot of criteria for filing the affidavit of support. The immigrants can be different based on several things. For example, the relatives of any U.S. citizen fall under this category. The first preference belongs to the sons and daughters of the U.S. who are at least 21 years old. The second preference includes the better half of U.S. residents and their bachelor children.


The third preference is given to the children of U.S. citizens who are married and their children who are a minor. The fourth preference includes the siblings of the citizens as well as their better half and children who are still a minor. There are also cases in which immigrants’ preferences are based on the employment of a relative in the U.S.A. If there is a falsified case of affidavit of support, the sponsor and the immigrant may both suffer from harsh punishment by the law.


The affidavit of support is a form of helping an immigrant by looking after him or her and their families. It helps them to get established and support themselves without always depending on someone. For that reason, after verifying all the details, the interview is conducted. The immigrant needs to properly answer all the questions of the official to pass the interview and have that sponsor. If some kind of problem arises, the National Visa Centre can be contacted to reschedule the interview.

There are several cases regarding the immigrant’s issue in the U.S. The date of the interview is scheduled based on the priority date, meaning the day the petition was filed.



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