How Long Does It Take To Receive A Tax Intercept For Child Support 2020 (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Tax Intercept For Child Support 2020 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: A Month

Raising children is not an easy task. Particularly, in case, if the child is being raised by a single parent. There are innumerable amounts of expenses to be covered ranging from issues like medical care, education, clothing and various other miscellaneous expenses. In such cases, tax intercepts are an instrumental tool used by the governments to ease out this burden.

Tax intercepts are tax refunds of the non-custodial parent of the child that had to be otherwise given to them. However, if the custodial parent files and is deemed eligible for receiving tax intercept, they shall receive it. This would be an additional source of income for the custodial parent and will ease out their burden in financing the child-related expenses.


How Long Does It Take To Receive A Tax Intercept For Child Support 2020?

Type Of RefundTime Taken to Intercept
Non-joint refund30 calendar days or a month
Joint refundsSix months

The type of tax refund the parents of the child file with the Internal Revenue Service influences the time taken to receive them. There are several considerations and checks that have to be made depending on the type of tax refund both the parents apply for.

There are two broad types of tax refunds that can be submitted with the Internal Revenue Service or IRS. These are the joint tax refunds, which can be filed jointly by married couples while the non-joint tax refunds are their opposite.

A joint tax refund can be filled by a married couple in form 1040 of the Internal Revenue Service. The couple has to choose married filing jointly or MFJ as their filing status. In the case of a joint tax refund, it may take nearly six months for the state to disburse the tax refund intercept to the custodial parent.

In stark contrast to this, non-joint refunds are fast and hassle-free. In this case, both the parents file their tax refund separately. Moreover, there are federal laws in place that state that a child support intercept has to be disbursed to the custodial parent within a span of 30 calendar days. However, tax intercept may take more time in certain special cases like if there is a pending appeal.

Why It Takes So Long To Receive A Tax Intercept For Child Support 2020?

Receiving a tax intercept for child support can be a lengthy process at times. There are several procedural steps to be fulfilled which do consume a long amount of time. Apart from that, the type of tax refunds that are filled with the Internal Revenue Service and the complications involved also have a role in determining how sooner a person gets tax intercepts for child support 2020.

In order to receive a tax intercept for child support, the non-custodial parent has to be eligible for such. If the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) finds the application from the custodial parent fit for tax intercept, it shall send a notice to the non-custodial parent which shall explain to them why their case was sent for the intercept program. This notice also contains other relevant information related to the tax intercept.

After sending the notice to the other parent, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service of the Treasury department transfers the tax intercept amount to the state child support agency. This is done in cooperation with the OCSE and the state child support agency shall pay this amount towards the time of past-due support. When this tax intercept is paid to the custodial parent, a message is also sent to the non-custodial parent.


Processing a tax intercept for child support 2020 can be completed within a month in case of a non-joint tax refund. Although, in the case of joint tax refunds, it would take up to six months for the same.

A great deal of time is taken in procedural or official work to get these intercepts. Moreover, as they are so many applications received by the Internal Revenue Service, reviewing all these applications takes a plethora of time.


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