How Long After Alcohol Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 hour for each standard drink

Alcohol is known as the most widely used drug substance in the world. People had made it a practice to drink for more than thousands of years. It is now a fragment of many celebrations, and some people especially teenagers are fond of the taste and feel elated to add alcohol during parties and dinners. However, most of the time people also stick to it for many reasons which are not acceptable.



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Excessive use of alcohol has immediate and adverse effects that enlarge the risk of many unfavorable health conditions. The potency of the result of alcohol on the human body is always directly related to the unit of alcohol consumed. As the effect varies from person to person, it depends on the person’s age, gender, weight, and also on the sort of alcohol. Plenty of people realize that drinking and driving don’t blend but still 60% of people give a bang to it. Driving beneath the influence or while intoxicated isn’t solely dangerous but it also a significant criminal offense.

How Long After Alcohol Can I Drive

How Long After Alcohol Can I Drive?

Though the effect on the body always depends on the unit of alcohol you consume but still the golden thumb rule is to wait for 1 hour per drink. Once you have got consumed alcohol, there is no alternative to get out of it rather than waiting for an explicit period. One of the top guidelines is that you have to wait for at least 45minutes to 1 hour before drive which is still risky and life-threatening. If you had another drink, you are supposed to attain it for the next 45 minutes.

It is even a lot of tangled than this because it does not solely rely on the amount of alcohol you drink but also on many more factors such as how fast you were drinking, how long you have been drinking, and how much food you have consumed.

Alcohol reduces the respiration rate and vital signs. These effects start at intervals of 5-10 minutes and stay at the peak in around 40 minutes. “Eight hours from bottle to throttle” one of the mnemonics among pilots. Science says the Liver of an average human being can process only one standard drink per hour.  A lot of alcohol consumed, a lot is the impairment, and the longer it’ll deem you to sober up sufficiently to drive.

Summary depending on the unit of alcohol: 

Unit of AlcoholDuration
A small shot of liquor1 hour
A pint of beer2 hour
A large glass of wine3 hour

Why Do You Need to Wait That Long to Drive After Having Alcohol?

When a person consumes alcohol, it is not digestible rather it is rapidly absorbed by the blood. When you consume more than one drink per hour, you’re taking an unwanted risk. Your body absorbs the content of alcohol more quickly but it takes a lot longer to induce it out of your system. 

The most acquainted reality is that Alcohol usually reduces the judgment skill so people would not be in a position to gauge `driving skill and results in serious accidents. Once alcohol is overwhelmed, it starts to rise exponentially in our body. Research says that alcohol can stay in the body until 6 hours after you have got stopped drinking. Those people, who are drunk and still driving, may have unhealthy eyes, blurred or visual impairment which ends up in mischance.

Blood Alcohol Content besides saying how much you have drunk also says whether you are impaired to drive. Even with 0.05 BAC, you start to expertise sedation, lose control of the speed, slow latency, loss your focus, and reduce coordination. It is always safe to drive once BAC has reached below the legal limit.

When you drink and drive, you’re compromising your psychological feature ability and responsiveness, which will increase your risk for a hazardous accident. The safest thing people can do is not trail behind the wheel once they are drunk. Men can typically metabolize slightly a lot of alcohol than women. In each gender, weight plays a crucial role, the lower your body weight, the faster you reach the blood alcohol limit.

Alcohol’s effect is different for everyone differently. For some people it may be able to function normally and drive safely at the legal limit, plenty of others can’t. The most effective time to drive is to wait until your BAC reaches 0.00.


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