How Long After Amalgam Filling Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 24-72 hours

Usually, it takes twenty-four hours to harden the substitute. After hardening, you can eat with it. Toothache is known for its irritating pain that radiates from one tooth to the other. For various unknown causes. The pain is mostly unbearable and it affects our daily life activities also. It’s a very localized pain that keeps pinching you at that particular point that you cannot resist.

Neglecting this can cause you to pay a heavy price in terms of money as well as pain. Being careful and preventive will help you a lot with this pain. Well, the exact answer might vary from person to person and type of filling.

How Long After Amalgam Filling Can I Eat


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How Long After Amalgam Filling Can I Eat?

Minimum24 hours
Maximum72 hours

Before getting any type of filling in your tooth you have to go through certain tests that will help to recognize the actual problem. Basically, the root cause can be detected through tests. Based on the examination type of filing is advised to the person. If it is a cavity that can be filled up with temporary substitutions then it is called temporary filing and if the cause is severe and can’t be cured with temporary substitutions, a permanent solution is advised.

Normally temporary filling is advised for persons with no severity. Usually, a temporary artificial substitution of silver is filled through the cavity and it normally takes twenty-four hours to harden. Permanent fillings can be hardened more quickly than temporary ones. But still, both of the substitutions take time. Various things are prohibited at this time. You should Abey the instructions for better and painless recovery as any type of tooth pain or tooth filling is always painful and hard to bear.

Amalgam Filling

You need to wait for at least twenty-four hours so that the filling completely hardens and you must be able to chew certain things. Mostly soft foods are allowed at this time but you still need to be careful as it can come up anytime with a lack of attention. Any type of cold foods hot foods, high sugar content foods are strictly avoided for some time after the filling for quick healing. You have to be patient with your tooth as it will take time to heal completely.

Why Should I Wait So Long After Amalgam Filling To Eat?

At first, the causes of tooth pain are the most important knowledge. This is not an instantaneous process that attacks all of a sudden to our teeth. This is a gradual process and it takes its own time. From childhood, it must be taken into consideration which food should be given to the infant or child so that the teeth will get maximum strength. A mother must eat high calcium content foods and high fiber content foods that will help the baby to have relatively stronger teeth in newborns milk teeth are not that strong as it is not exposed to any hard chewing.

After six to seven years when the milk teeth break down and permanent teeth grow at the site, this is the time when one should get concerned about what to eat and whatnot. Chocolates, chips, and all of those foods which satisfy our sweet teeth must be avoided as it can be the sole purpose of the cavity in teeth and lead to amalgam that is filling in teeth. Sometimes these food habits get so serious to our health that our teeth need more than just filling.


Those sweet foods can damage both our teeth and roots. It can also affect our gum area which can be absolutely painful and a root canal could be needed at that moment which is more painful than a filling. Sugary foods or foods that contain sugar, extremely cold and hot food must be avoided. These foods can trigger pain that can’t be avoided. At least for two days after any type of filling, we must take care of this situation.


Basically, the main point of all these above discussions is to avoid high sugar content food, extremely hot and cold food and foods that trigger your pain. Even after the filling process, you need to wait for the drying of the substitute material, and then you can start chewing soft foods on that side of your teeth. Otherwise, try to avoid chewing at the filling site for someday and allow it to completely harden and set at the cavity site.

Once it is set, it will be easier for you to chew on that side and feeling comparatively less pain than before. You should avoid such foods for at least two days so that they will get completely harden and then it would be absolutely safe, easy, and convenient for you to have anything you desire for.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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    1. Absolutely, understanding the reasons behind the waiting period and dietary restrictions is essential for a smooth recovery.

  2. The article highlights the importance of patience and following dietary restrictions after an amalgam filling. This is essential information for anyone undergoing this procedure.

    1. The dietary recommendations are insightful. It’s important to pay attention to these details for a smooth recovery.

    2. Avatar of Morris Mohammed
      Morris Mohammed

      Absolutely, patience is key in allowing the filling to properly harden. It’s valuable advice for maintaining oral health.

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    This article provides valuable information about the expected time to wait to eat after an amalgam filling. It’s important to follow the advice to avoid further pain or damage to the teeth.

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      I appreciate the clear explanation about the process and why it’s necessary to wait. It’s helpful for anyone who’s had a filling.

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  10. The article emphasizes the importance of avoiding certain foods after a filling. It’s a good reminder to be cautious for better healing.

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