How Long After Lasik Can I Wash My Hair (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Week

After a Lasik eye treatment, it is best not to use soaps and other such products while bathing because there could be a chance that the chemicals present in the soap get inside your eye. Many people do not follow what they are asked to do and thus they suffer from various kinds of complications.



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When it comes to keeping your eye healthy then there should be no compromise. You can at least shower or wash your hair after a Lasik surgery but it is advised to people not to use hair care products soon after you had Lasik surgery.

How Long After Lasik Can I Wash My Hair

How Long After Lasik Can I Wash My Hair?

After Lasik surgeryYou can shower and wash your hair
Not recommendedDo not use soaps, hair care products, and other such things for the first week after a Lasik.

You have got the opportunity to get rid of your eyeglasses forever and it is time to take real care of your eyes. Lasik surgery is a huge decision for someone to take because it is something new to people and naturally they will feel scared to do it. But, it is only a matter of few minutes, and you are done with the treatment.

However, people who recently had their Lasik surgery should note that it takes some time to heal and during this time you should take care of your eyes. Aftercare is very critical for a patient because there could be a chance of infection. Your cornea will take time to heal over for several weeks and therefore proper care should be taken.

Doctors feel safe that taking a bath or showering soon after a Lasik treatment is ok and people can opt for it. But, for the first week, it is important to keep water, soap, hair care products, and other such kinds of liquids for washing away from the eye. Also, do not rub your eyes while you are bathing. Rubbing of the eyes is also not recommended even if you did not have surgery because it has an impact on your cornea.

Why Does It Take That Long To Wash Hair After Lasik?

If patients do not listen to the warnings of the doctor and use hair care products, soaps, and other such things then they could have the chance of getting an infection. They can face irritation and a sense of burning in their eyes. People can also suffer dried eyes.

Several doctors recommend not to use water for at least two weeks. This could be difficult but it is for the best of their patients so that there are no complications caused later on. Doctors recommend their patients wait for two weeks before they return to their normal life.

You should also note that you cannot go into the ocean and other such areas because the water is chlorinated and this could cause an infection on your cornea. Do not interact with any kind of water bodies soon after you had a Lasik surgery because ultimately it will slow the healing process and it could cause damage to your eyes.

Patients who had a Lasik treatment recently would want to return to their normal life as soon as possible. Even though people might not feel the pain in the beginning but their corneal tissue will take some time to heal after the surgery. You should try to follow all the instructions given to you by your doctor and take all the medicines so that your healing process is not disrupted.


In the end, you want to stay fit and healthy not only when it comes to your eye care treatment but overall you should try to stay healthy. Problems arising on your tooth might have side effects on your eyes and it is true because these sense organs are all interconnected.

Make sure you follow what the doctors recommend you to do because you do not want an infection happening in your cornea. These are some complications that you don’t want to happen. Well, if you take proper care of yourself then nothing serious would happen and you can heal much rapidly.


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