How Long After Biometrics To Get Canada Visa (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 months

Getting a Visa is no more a piece of cake these days. As far as the Canadian Visa is concerned, it takes a bit longer than usual in certain cases. Since no information is held out till the final day, the concerned person cannot easily guess or presume the date in advance.

The authorities recommend being patient and contacting only when the average duration has passed. Though the wait for a Visa is a restless one, it is better to stay patient and collect all the other documents during the gap months. On average, it might take up to five months.

How Long After Biometrics To Get Visa Canada


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How Long After Biometrics To Get Canada Visa?

A set procedure is to be followed for getting the Visa irrespective of the country for which the application is made. As far as Canada is concerned, they have a quite rigid system in order to sign the inflow of illegal immigrants. Biometrics is followed by an interview session. There is not much the applicant can prepare about. All this takes close to a month.

In case there are any new changes in visa rules, the wait might be a little longer for that particular batch. Whatever be the case, the person need not wait for more than half a month to get the Visa, once biometric registration is lawfully completed. The documents play a key role.

There have been instances when applicants from a particular country had to face various issues after submitting documents. Irrespective of the aforementioned facts, the authorities declare complete impartiality on the basis of country of origin.

In times of political conflicts, extra documents are demanded, which takes a considerable amount of time to furnish. The last step includes verification. This step plays a crucial role in determining how much a person has to wait for a Canadian Visa.

Since there is no discrimination on the basis of the purpose of the application or the age of the applicant, the birth proof is mandatory. For a true representation, a Visa can be issued within five months. In case there is some discrepancy, this term might stretch up to eight months or even more at times.

In Summary:

Status of applicationDuration
Satisfactoryup to 5 months
Unverified8 months or more

Why Does It Take That Long To Get Visa Canada After Biometrics?

It takes so long for Visa Canada after biometrics because they have a high-level security system. The type of Visa also determines how long it might take. The wait is further exaggerated by missing documents or discrepancies in the submitted information.

Biometric registration needs the scan of eyes and fingerprints only. As it is a quick process, most of the time goes into processing and matching the details. In case the applicant is a defaulter or criminal, a number of extra checks are to be conducted.

The authorities spend some time verifying the information from the country of origin so as to maintain the desired level of authenticity. Once all these steps are completed and other parameters fall in place, a notification is sent to inform whether the Visa has been cleared or not.

In case a person does not get such notification within five months, there is bound to be an underlying issue. The interview round is a compulsory one. There are significant changes if the Visa is to be procured for minors or people with a criminal background, the interview process might be delayed due to extra documents being processed.

Ultimately, the concerned ministry has to pass the Visa so that the person can visit Canada for the specified purpose. The cards are issued by post or sent in soft copy, as per the situation demands. Patience is required so that the authorities can dedicate more time to complete the formalities, instead of focusing on the calls being made for time-related queries.


People who apply for the Canadian Visa are expected to stay vigilant about the schedule and other deadlines. Once biometrics are registered and other things fall in place, the authorities might issue guidelines for the next step. In exceptional cases, frequent visits are also required in order to verify details or to provide additional information.

Whatever is the case, one can easily get a Canadian Visa within ten months. In case there are any technical issues related to personal information, the forums take all grievances readily. All the applicants need to be aware of the terms and conditions in advance.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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26 thoughts on “How Long After Biometrics To Get Canada Visa (And Why)?”

  1. The waiting time for a Canadian Visa is indeed quite long, but it’s all for good reasons. It may be challenging in the short term, but it ensures a better, safer future for everyone involved.

    1. Absolutely! This lengthy process is a small sacrifice for the security and integrity of the system in the long run.

    2. It’s a lengthy process, but it’s comforting to know that it’s all being done to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone involved.

  2. The extensive verification and security checks the Canadian Visa process entails surely make the country a safe place to visit and live, but the waiting period is indeed quite lengthy.

    1. True, but peace of mind and the assurance of safety come with a cost, and in this case, it’s time. I’d say it’s a reasonable trade-off.

  3. I can’t believe it takes that long just for a Visa. It seems like a bit too much and deterring to possible tourists and immigrants.

    1. Exactly! Besides, planning and knowing the time it takes can help avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary stress.

    2. Avatar of Thompson George
      Thompson George

      It does seem like a long time, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The security measures in place are crucial right now, considering the global situation.

  4. It’s really reassuring to know that this long process is something done to ensure Canada’s safety and security in light of everything that’s happening in the world. Five months is a long time, but it’s worth it in the end.

    1. Absolutely! It’s better to sacrifice time in favor of increased security measures. The process is thorough, and that is what makes Canada such a safe place to live and visit.

  5. Avatar of Muhammad Anderson
    Muhammad Anderson

    Training our patience through extensive waiting really is a part of the Visa process, but it’s all done for good and clear reasons. After all, safety and security should never be rushed or jeopardized, right?

    1. Absolutely! It’s a small price to pay for ensuring security. We all benefit from these stringent measures in the end.

    2. Avatar of Mitchell Duncan
      Mitchell Duncan

      Indeed! This rigorous process is essential to safeguard everyone’s interests, and while the waiting period may seem tedious, it is definitely worthwhile in the long run.

  6. The waiting period may seem lengthy, but such a thorough process is necessary given the current global circumstances. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring safety and security.

    1. Absolutely! Safety is paramount, and if this waiting period helps guarantee that, it’s completely worth it.

  7. Eight months or more for unverified applications? That’s an incredibly long time, and could be very frustrating for some people. There must be a way to streamline the process and reduce this waiting period.

    1. I completely understand the frustration, but it’s precisely these thorough checks and verifications that keep us safe and secure in the long run. Patience is indeed a virtue in this case.

  8. The Canadian Visa process is indeed time-consuming, but it’s a necessary stringency for the security and safety of everyone. A small price to pay for a secure and peaceful environment.

    1. Avatar of Isabella Powell
      Isabella Powell

      Absolutely! A little patience for a safer and more secure future. It’s a worthwhile tradeoff in the end.

    2. Definitely! A bit of waiting to ensure thorough verification and enhanced security measures is definitely a reasonable and worthwhile investment.

  9. You’d think that the technology we have today and the advanced security systems would make the Visa process faster. It’s surprising that it’s still such a time-consuming ordeal.

    1. Technology may help expedite processes to an extent, but it can’t fully replace the thorough human verification that’s necessary for security. So a lengthy process is somewhat inevitable.

    2. That’s true! There are many layers of verification and checks involved, and each one is important for maintaining the safety and integrity of the system.

  10. A 10-month waiting period for a Canadian Visa seems excessively long, but from a security perspective, I understand the need for such measures. Nonetheless, it would be ideal to try to streamline the process where possible.

    1. There’s always room for improvement, and if it could be done without compromising security, then it’s certainly something worth considering.

    2. Agreed! A balance between security and efficiency would benefit everyone involved. Finding ways to shorten this waiting period would indeed be highly beneficial.

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