How Long After Biometrics To Get UK Citizenship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within 6 months

“UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services” known commonly as UKVCAS is responsible for handling applications for UK citizenship. This system is a kind of third-party service which handles other applications too such as immigration request, settlement application along with all sorts of extension application. According to the process, e-application will be available on the respective website where you have to schedule an appointment for conducting a biometric test.

During the application submission, you have to submit relative documents too. On the scheduled date, your biometric test will be conducted at the allotted center where your photo, signature, and fingerprints will be taken for the verification process. “Sopra Steria” runs this service. You are free and granted full rights to stay, travel, and work in the UK once you attain citizenship.

How Long After Biometrics To Get UK Citizenship

How Long After Biometrics To Get UK Citizenship?

The application process has been changed a lot when compared with past years, and UKVCAS plays a crucial role in the Citizenship Application. It has done mandatory for every people to proceed with a biometric test if they have applied or registered for UK citizenship. Generally, the time it takes to grant citizenship after the biometrics completely depends on the type of application you are proceeding with. Few people assume to receive the decision during the appointment.

During the payment part of the application, you will have to prefer anyone among the two choices. You will be provided with two options, known as Standard service and Super priority where you may get a decision either within a day or within 6 months. But, your visa should also be considered as eligible for the super-priority where you will get the decision within 24 hours, only then you will be allowed to choose it.

This option does not provide a faster appointment for biometric, this reduces the time between the biometric and decision. Respective UKVI officials will take the biometric test. You will be asked for a signature, a photograph will be taken and your fingerprints will be scanned during the test whereas individuals under 5 years old are not required to give their fingerprints and signature.

It is also not mandatory to remove any sort of head covering which you have been using for religious purposes. This process completes within 2 hours and you will be provided with information on further processes. In rare cases, if your application does not meet all the requirements this will be a little lengthy process.

If you are only updating or scanning your fingerprints, this would take only 15 minutes to complete. You also have an option to book an Express appointment to reduce the time taken in the service center.

Type of ApplicationTime Taken (Minimum)Time Taken (Maximum)
Standard service3 months6 months
Super priority18 hours24 hours

Why It Takes That Long To Get Citizenship After Biometrics?

People should update or enroll their respective fingerprints either at the scheduled biometric center or at should be updated in the UK post office if they are applying from overseas. If your application and biometrics test is completed and once your status of citizenship is approved, you will receive a Residence Card.

After attaining UK citizenship, your details of biometric will be no longer available in the database, and until receiving your UK passport, your photograph will be stored for further process. You may be worried regarding the application if it takes a longer time to proceed, but few factors play an important role that decides the length of the process. Priority of your application concerning other applicants also matters.

It is very rare to receive citizenship status immediately after a couple of weeks. It takes a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 months to achieve it. You will be able to get the decision before the notice. You will have to update your details if you have changed during the waiting period. The Home office considers few facts before approving the citizenship application.

The number of applications is in the queue to process, the number of persons allotted, and also the priorities of applicants also play a role in deciding the length of the process. Most people think to get citizenship sooner if they are applying for naturalization as UK citizens, though it is the final process, it takes longer to decide when compared with an immigration application.

The length of the process would not affect your existing rights. If there is a requirement for more details, you will receive a letter from the Home office with a deadline of 2 weeks. And if you did not reply, they will proceed with the existing information without delaying it.



Once the application is approved, it is a must to arrange a ceremony of citizenship. This is also a part of the process, where you will receive a certificate only if you attend it without fail. Ceremonies often take place in the local council. After receiving or approving as a UK citizen, you should carry your passport in case of traveling outside the UK.

These applications for citizenship can be returned for many reasons. Most often people provide wrong information or do not submit required documents. You could resubmit the application with the help of any lawyer or seek advice from experts to know the exact reason.


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