How Long After Clan Games Rewards Last (And Why)?

How Long After Clan Games Rewards Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 Days

The Multiplayer games genre is very popular now. From big devices like consoles and Personal Computers, now it has taken over smaller devices like mobile phones. Almost everyone has a mobile phone in their teenage now. Most young people and even many elders play several video games on their devices.

One of such multiplayer games is Clash of Clans. It is a strategy mobile video game developed by popular game developer Supercell. In the game, a player builds their village, upgrades it, and joins several groups named clans. Under the clans, a player can participate in Clan Wars and Clan Games for which they are rewarded.

How Long After Clan Games Rewards Last

How Long After Clan Games Rewards Last?

In Clash of Clans, the player can form limited member groups that are called Clans. In these Clans, players can chat, donate troops, interact with each other. But there is more to Clans in video games. The clan leaders or co-leaders start Clan Wars with different clans where players of different clans attack the villages of the opponent clans.

Other than that, there are Clan Games. In clan games, small challenges are given to the members of a clan. These challenges include tasks, like donating a certain number of troops, getting a certain number of stars in attacks, destroying certain buildings, using certain spells, etc.

Each challenge gives some points to whoever completes them. The easier challenges have fewer points and difficult challenges give more points. When one clanmate completes a challenge, the particular challenge is removed and a new challenge is added.

There is a specific target of clan games points. When a clanmate reaches that target they get rewards. These rewards include resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir, gems, etc., as well as magic items.

When the clan games end, the clan members who participated get rewards in their Treasury building. This way, the clan members get extra resources and magic items just for doing regular stuff in the game.

However, the rewards do not stay forever in the treasury. They stay only for 7 days. After 7 days, the rewards earned from clan games goes nil if it is not claimed by the player.

Games Rewards
If a player is in the Clan7 Days
If a player is not in the Clan7 Days

Why Clan Rewards Vanish Away After That Long?

When a Clash of Clans player joins a Clan, they can participate in Clan games and Clan wars. Both give rewards at the end of the clan member participated in them. However, after Clan Games, the rewards do not last forever.

The rewards after the Clan Games are sent to the Caravan building. There in the caravan, the rewards earned are kept outside the main village. This way the rewards are safe from being looted by raiders during inactivity.

However, the rewards stay there for a limited time. The rewards are kept in the caravan for 7 days. If a player does not claim the rewards for 7 days, the rewards just vanish away.

Games Rewards

Without collecting rewards, a player cannot be a part of any other clan games in the future. It does not matter whether the player tries to join clan games in the same clan or a different clan, they cannot do it until the caravan is emptied. Once the caravan is empty, the player again can be a part of clan games. If a player prefers not to do that themselves by claiming the rewards, the game does it for them by taking it away. So, that is why the rewards earned in clan games go away after 7 days if they are not claimed from the caravan.

This is because apparently, the game assumes that the player is either inactive or not interested or not in a position to collect their rewards.


Multiplayer video games are very popular. From consoles and computers, they are now ruling mobile. Such game is Clash of Clans where Clans are made as groups. In the clans, there are clan games that give several tasks to the clan members. When the members do the tasks they get points, and according to the points, rewards are given to the clan members.

The rewards are kept in the Caravan for 7 days and then it vanishes away. A player cannot participate in other clan games till they claim their rewards so the game takes it away if the player does not claim it in time.


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  1. This post humorously conveys the intriguing dynamics of Clan Games rewards and the rationale behind their 7-day duration.

    1. Avatar of Suzanne Davies
      Suzanne Davies

      Indeed, the post presents a compelling reflection on the balance between game mechanics and reward dynamics in Clash of Clans.

    2. Absolutely, it’s fascinating to explore the mechanisms behind the time limits for claiming rewards in multiplayer games.

  2. While the 7-day limit may seem restrictive, it ultimately contributes to maintaining a balanced and active gaming environment in Clash of Clans.

  3. I find it limiting that rewards only last for 7 days. It should be extended to encourage more players to participate in Clan Games.

    1. I disagree, I believe the time limit is essential in encouraging active participation and preventing hoarding of rewards.

  4. This post beautifully explains the concept of multiplayer games and the significance of limits on the duration of rewards. Very informative!

  5. The post provides a comprehensive explanation of the time constraints for claiming rewards in Clash of Clans, highlighting its impact on game dynamics.

    1. Indeed, the 7-day limit plays a significant role in preventing resource hoarding and maintaining the game’s balance.

  6. The post provides a clear understanding of the rationale behind the 7-day limit for Clan Games rewards. Well-structured explanation!

  7. Avatar of Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams

    The post sheds light on the importance of claiming rewards within 7 days, preventing potential exploitation of unclaimed rewards by inactive players.

    1. Absolutely, it ensures that rewards are utilized by active players while maintaining a level playing field.

  8. In my opinion, the 7-day time limit is unnecessary and only serves to inconvenienc​e players who may be unable to claim their rewards within that time frame.

    1. The time constraint could indeed be challenging for some players, but it also ensures active participation and prevents resource accumulation.

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