How Long do Various Types of Hockey Games Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45-70 Minutes

The various types of hockey games get played with a hockey stick and puck. A player scores if he manages to maneuver the puck into the opponent’s goal post.



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Hockey games vary from one continent to another. When referring to hockey in most parts of the world, you are explicitly referring to field hockey. Countries like the US and Canada mainly play ice hockey.

The different types of hockey games include; bandy, ice hockey, field hockey, ice sled hockey, street hockey, roller hockey(inline), and roller hockey(quad).

How Long do Various Types of Hockey Games Last

How long do Hockey games last?

Type of HockeyHow long it lastsActual game time
Filed hockeyTwo periods of 35 minutes each with a 7-minute intermission70 minutes
Ice hockeyThree periods of 20 minutes each with a 15-minute intermission60 minutes
Roller hockeyTwo periods of 20 minutes each or four periods of 10 minutes each40 minutes
Street hockeyThree periods of 10 minutes each and a one-minute intermission30 minutes
Ice sledge hockeyThree periods of 15 minutes each45 minutes

According to the hockey game rules, each game is supposed to last for an hour. However, intermissions, overtime, and stoppages during the games make it last for approximately two and a half hours.

The one hour has three divisions of 20 minutes each and two intermissions lasting between 15- 17 minutes depending on the type of hockey. Overtime provided during a hockey game lasts for 5 minutes while shootouts have no specified length of time.

Below is a brief description of the various types of hockey games;

1. Field hockey

Field hockey gets played in most parts of the world. Unlike most hockey sports, It does not require roller skates or blades when playing. The game usually gets played on gravel, sand, or grass with a small hardball.

2. Ice hockey

Ice hockey gets played on a large field covered with ice. In ice hockey, a rubber puck gets used, the puck is usually frozen to provide ease in moving it along the ice field. The players play on skaters.

3. Ice sledge hockey

The game is for individuals with physical disabilities. The players use the sleds to move around the field. The game uses two hockey sticks, having a blade on one side and picks on the other end.

Why do Hockey games Last so Long?

As mentioned earlier, field hockey games last for a maximum of two and a half hours. Various factors affect how long a hockey game lasts, these include;

1. Overtime and shootouts

An overtime or shootout takes place when the two opposing teams have similar scores at the end of the game. At this point, the teams are provided with a few extra minutes to determine the winning team.

A shootout takes place if none of the teams win after the end of the extra 5 minutes. A shootout has no specified time limit.

2. Playoffs

Hockey playoffs may last for a very long time since no shootouts take place. The two teams battle against each other in the overtime until one of them beats the other side. In such a case, overtime may last an hour or more.

3. Television commercial break

All hockey games aired on TV consist of commercial breaks. According to hockey rules, there should be commercial breaks after a certain period.


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