How Long After CVS Can Miscarriage Occur (And Why)?

How Long After CVS Can Miscarriage Occur (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Days

CVS is the full form of Chorionic Villus Sampling which is a prenatal diagnosis for chromosome disorder or can be said a genetic disorder. The process involves sampling the chorionic villus where the woman’s chromosomes are tested for any kind of abnormalities.

However, there is a fair chance for a miscarriage after CVS and it may occur within 3 days after CVS. But, this might not be the case for every miscarriage because some can occur two weeks later. Before you go for this diagnostic procedure you will be told about the complications that may arise during the procedure.

How Long After CVS Can Miscarriage Occur

How Long After CVS Can Miscarriage Occur?

CVS is performed byCVS diagnostic procedure is performed with the help of a tube on the cervix to remove a sample for further testing.
Why chorionic villus cells are removed?The chorionic villus cells are removed because those cells contain a baby’s genetic information.

You should know that the chance of getting detected with damaged or abnormal chromosomes through CVS is very rare and you should not worry about it while you are pregnant. You should try to keep a calm mind and relax for the next nine months.

The chance for a miscarriage to happen after a CVS is about 1 in 100. This means that there will be only one miscarriage happening out of a hundred after a CVS. But, this should not concern you until and unless there is some kind of complication from occurring.

There are only a few researches that have shown that miscarriages that occur after a CVS procedure happens because of the procedure and the numbers are quite small. However, most miscarriages happen within three days after a CVS.


You should also know that you cannot do anything to stop the miscarriage from happening and there is no evidence of it yet. During this diagnostic procedure, the sample cells that are extracted might not always be suitable for further testing.

The reason could be that the cells were not collected in the first place or the cells that were collected had been contaminated with the cells of the mother. If the sample remains unsuitable for further testing processes then another CVS procedure needs to be carried out.

Why Does It Take That Long After CVS For Miscarriage To Occur?

Most of the miscarriages happen within three days but that might not be the case for every miscarriage because some could take two weeks or more than that. There is also a rare chance of suffering from a miscarriage after a CVS procedure but the diagnostic method is quite difficult.

There are chances of infections happening just like any other surgical procedure. Infections can happen after a CVS procedure but that too is quite rare from happening. Out of one thousand cases, only one person might experience an infection after the CVS procedure.

The chorionic villus sampling procedure is performed with the help of a thin tube or a needle is used. Then the procedure includes inserting the tube into the uterus of the patient so that a sample could be removed from the placenta. The cells that have been extracted are the baby’s genetic information cells.


It is important to know about the abnormalities of the baby because parents know whether or not their baby would be born healthy or not. You should not worry about the accuracy of the CVS test because most of the time the test is conducted successfully by the medical team or by the doctors.


In the end, you want to have a normal baby but sometimes due to some genital disorders, the baby born suffers from some kind of disorder. But, if you are a healthy mother then you do not have to worry about anything because there is a high chance that your baby would be born healthy.

You should try to go for a check-up once in a while or once a week. If there is any complications arising then your doctor could easily detect them beforehand so that the issue can be treated. Many people tend to make the mistake of ignoring certain symptoms that might be a sign of a serious health issue.


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  1. It’s important for prospective parents to be informed about what test consists of and the risk involved. Knowing the information beforehand is key.

  2. The statistics can be scary, but it’s important to focus on the chances of everything being alright.

    1. Right, the tests are meant to aid in knowing the baby’s health, it’s important to keep that in mind.

  3. Preventing any complications is key, so these procedures are performed to make sure nothing is missed.

    1. It’s better to have all the information you need if you’re going through something like this.

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