How Long After Miscarriage Try Again (And Why)?

How Long After Miscarriage Try Again (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 1-3 months

Miscarriage is not only a shock to physical health but it destroys the mental and emotional state of mind of parents who want to have a family. This is a health condition that can’t be predicted or controlled by neither patient nor a physician. So being emotionally stable is much more important to try again rather than any health condition.

Once parents become physically and emotionally stable, they can try for another pregnancy. There are various studies about the Time period between miscarriage and another pregnancy but 1-3 months is considered to be convenient according to health experts. This minimum time gap should be maintained to avoid complications.

How Long After Miscarriage Try Again

How Long After Miscarriage Try Again?

In normal cases1 month
In cases of complications3 months

Well to answer this question certain medical studies are going on. After 4-6 weeks of miscarriage when your menstrual cycle becomes normal like before you can try to conceive once again. See, the main fact is your body healing. Your body your uterus needs to heal to have another life in it. It’s better to believe your gynecologist.

With the doctor’s guidance and proper diet, you will be able to conceive again. But if you had a miscarriage more than one time then you have to go through some tests to detect the actual problem behind it. The tests include:-

1) blood tests:- to know if the pregnancy hormones came to zero levels or not.

2) chromosomal test:-you need to do the test to find the accurate fault why the miscarriage happens. Your and your partner’s chromosome will be taken for testing.

3) Hysteroscopy:- This is done to know if any intrauterine problems are lying or not.

4) Ultrasound:- the most common test to have before 2nd time trying. It will tell you about the healing of the uterus.

5) MRI:- for a more detailed view of the uterus, the most advanced technology is used is MRI. Magnetic radiations are used to know a detailed structure of uterus healing in the time being.

6) sonography:- u can also do sonography to find out your uterus health. This is one of the alternative methods in comparison to ultrasound.

After various tests and results you can easily find the fault and you can work on it to conceive again.


In this case, why is this a big question to answer? Probably the shortest answer is for your own health benefits. Miscarriage is not a sudden process. It is a gradual loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks or the first trimester to be precise. It’s either the chromosomal loss of features that eventually leads to death or miscarriage or if there is some other intrauterine problem.

Why Should One Wait So Long To Try Again After Miscarriage?

In this case, why is this a big question to answer? Probably the shortest answer is for your own health benefits. Miscarriage is not a sudden process. It is a gradual loss of pregnancy before 20 weeks or the first trimester to be precise. It’s either the chromosomal loss of features that eventually leads to death or miscarriage or if there is some other intrauterine problem.

If your uterus is not healthy enough to carry the features then it will cause miscarriage. But there is fact that everyone should remember that it’s not the fault of parents. Even after one miscarriage, there are so many chances of having a healthy pregnancy. 50% of the time the reason behind miscarriage is the baby’s chromosomal loss.

The cause of miscarriage is still under research. Sometimes it may be due to poorly treated diabetes and some major health condition. For answering the question why is to detect all the problems lining in our body which could be a cause of miscarriage and treat it properly so that the next pregnancy will be healthy for both fetus and mother.


You can only try again after the regular menstruation which comes back after 1-3 months of miscarriage. Before pregnancy there are things that physicians check, that is the pregnancy hormone levels. Which should be at level zero for the starting of the next pregnancy. The other health conditions to be thoroughly checked if there is a case of multiple miscarriages. Being in touch with your gynecologist will be best for trying again. But it is considered to try again in a short duration is found more effective than a long break.


Only 8-20% of known pregnancies lead to miscarriage. But if there is a proper medication given and proper diet followed it can promote a healthy pregnancy afterward. Sex is allowed after at least 2 weeks of miscarriage to overcome the shock. Mental peace, proper environment, physical and mental support, supportive partner, and a joyful nature will actually help you to recover and to take a step forward again. It is a one-time occurrence.

Once you are mentally and physically ready ask your gynecologist for proper guidance to try again. there is nothing to be anxious about the next pregnancy as it will only Detoriate your health. There are very rare cases of multiple miscarriages but if proper care is taken then the mother will be able to deliver a healthy baby without causing any risk to herself.


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    1. Absolutely. I believe the details mentioned here can bring comfort and clarity to anyone who goes through a miscarriage.

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    Carmen Matthews

    Thank goodness for this enlightening information. I was just wondering when I can try to get pregnant again after having a miscarriage.

    1. I’m glad you found this article helpful, Carmen. Always consult with your gynecologist for personalized advice.

    1. I’m glad you found it informative, Dean. The article goes above and beyond to provide a detailed understanding of the process.

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