How Long After Cyclogest Can I Poop (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six Hours

Cyclogest, more popularly known as progesterone medication, is primarily used for hormonal therapy and treats low sex hormones. This medication is mainly used in combination with another widely used drug named estrogens. It is also found to be effective in cases of supporting pregnancy and women suffering from gynecological disorders.



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It is traded by many other names, such as Prometrium and utrogestan. Endometrin and Crinone are two other names used to refer to the same medicine in some parts of the world. The protein binding of the drug is excellent and is close to ninety-nine percent.

How Long After Cyclogest Can I Poop

How Long After Cyclogest Can I Poop?

There are multiple ways to consume the drug. It is mainly taken orally through the mouth with some food, and the elimination half-life in such cases is close to five hours. In cases of sublingual administration, the half-life is a bit more and is nearly seven hours. Some women also prefer to take the route of vaginal administration citing personal reasons, and in these cases, the half-life is found to be much more than the previous two cases and is close to fifteen hours. Medical experts do not suggest topical administration; however, if a woman takes medicine this way, then the elimination half-life is around forty hours.

The drug is optically active and shows stereochemistry. The specific rotation of the drug varies from 172 degrees to 182 degrees on the positive side. The molecular structure of the drug is branched and contains several cycloalkanes in its structure. It consists of twenty-one carbon atoms along with two oxygen atoms. The hydrogen atom is responsible for filling the remaining valences of the structure. The molar mass of the drug is 314.469 grams per mole. The melting point is also very high and is approximately 126 degrees centigrade.

Events After Taking CyclogestTime After Cyclogest
Absorption of the drugThree to four hours
PoopingSix hours

After taking the drug, it is advised to wait for some time for pooping. The time taken for the drug to get absorbed by the body is three to four hours. Therefore, if a person wants to poop after taking the3 medication, then a time gap of at least six hours is a must.

Why Does It Take That Long After Cyclogest To Poop?

Cyclogest is one of the most prescribed medicine in medical conditions in which the progesterone levels of a woman are reduced, and they are not able to have their periods at the right time. However, the medicine is not effective when a woman reaches the age of menopause. At menopause, the hormone levels of the body naturally go down, and it is not abnormal. But having a low progesterone level at an early age is harmful and can hinder the normal process of egg formation in a woman’s body. Apart from this, the drug also helps remove the thickening of the uterine lining in women who regularly consume estrogen.

It takes that long after cyclogest to poop because this drug is known for causing constipation in the body, and it might not be possible for the patient to pass stool from the body. In such cases, the patient must keep patience and not panic under these circumstances. After the drug is absorbed in the body, regular pooping routines can be followed, and it won’t cause any issues.

The drug also has a few side effects which are needed to be taken care of. Some side effects include nausea and dizziness. It is also known to result in vaginal bleeding. In severe cases, the drug has also resulted in breast cancer. Blood clotting is another side effect that can prove harmful. In case of any medical issues, medical guidance should be taken.


Finally, it can be concluded that cyclogest is a medicine with many medical benefits and is prescribed in various conditions. It helps in regulating the progesterone levels in women who don’t get periods at the right time. It is also known for supporting cases of pregnancy.

On average, it takes around six hours after taking the drug to poop. The time is taken for the medicine to get absorbed in somewhere between three to four hours. There are some side effects of the drug, and one must consult a medical expert before taking the drug. The drug is very effective and is also considered safe by doctors worldwide.


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