How Long After DUI Can You Drive For Uber (And Why)?

How Long After DUI Can You Drive For Uber (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Most Seven Years

DUI stands for Drinking Under the Influence. These are when a driver is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. It is a crime and is also illegal in all countries. It is a punishable offense, and if a driver is caught in this condition, he can be sent to jail and fined some amount of money.

Driving is a job that is of prime responsibility. Suppose a bus is carrying around a hundred passengers; if the bus meets an accident due to the driver’s negligence, then the driver will be responsible for the lives of those hundred people. It is not a good practice to drive after drinking as many accidents can occur because of it.

How Long After DUI Can You Drive For Uber

How Long After DUI Can You Drive For Uber?

Many people around the world consume alcohol or any alcoholic drink. Even though this substance is harmful to human health, it is consumed for pleasure and grievances. It is common knowledge that alcohol consumption while driving can be fatal to the user’s health. In most cases, alcohol consumption doesn’t interfere with the working of our brain in the body. But it can slow down the processing power and cause vast amounts of drowsiness and other effects.

Alcohol has become an addiction for many teenagers these days. In every household, there will be at least one individual who would be indulged in drinking. Consumption of alcohol not only leads to degradation of health. It also destroys families. Most divorces are the result of alcohol abuse. Alcohol is the reason for the maximum number of accidents today. The rash driving resulting from the thrill instilled by the consumption of excess alcohol leads to life loss. Although alcohol has so many imperfections, it is a significant component of medicines that heal our bodies from various diseases.

CountryTime After DUI To Drive For Uber
Subcontinent countries like IndiaFive Years
Western countries like the USA and UKSeven Years

It is not a good practice to drink and drive. In most countries, drivers are not offered a job by Uber for five years after a DUI charge is imposed on them. In contrast, some western countries like the USA and UK have more strict rules and don’t allow driving for Uber for seven years.

Why Does It Take That Long After DUI To Drive For Uber?

The best uses of alcohol can never be ignored. Alcohol, consumed in the right amount, doesn’t lead to hallucinations and other such symptoms. These drunkard symptoms are only the result of excessive consumption of alcohol. Smoking during the drinking period leads to the contraction of the blood vessels, thereby cutting down the excess supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This leads to delayed reaction time in regular stimuli.

It is recommended not to drive after taking alcohol because of multiple reasons. Using alcohol can limit an individual’s strength and range of motion, hindering applying breaks and steering. Driving immediately might also slow down the entire recovery process from alcohol and can be fatal for the person. A person under anesthesia might also suffer blurred vision, which could lead to an accident. There have been multiple cases of road accidents with the driver being under the effect of alcohol.


It takes that long after DUI to drive for Uber because Uber doesn’t want to slander itself by hiring drivers under such charges. Driving is a process that requires a lot of concentration. A driver is not only responsible for the well-being of itself but also the other passengers. Under the influence of alcohol, the driver might not be able to control the vehicle. Also, it is illegal to drink and drive, and if a person is caught, then legal actions can be taken against the driver.


Finally, it can be concluded that it is dangerous to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. A user should always refrain from cravings when it comes down to matters of their health. It is always better to prevent better than to cure. So, every individual who consumes alcohol should refrain from driving as it can be fatal.

On average, Uber doesn’t give drivers who have been charged for DUI in the past seven years. Driving under the effect of alcohol can lead to accidents as the body might not react in time. If a person feels any discomfort after taking alcohol or drugs, then medical attention should be sought.


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