How Long After DUI Can I Get CDL (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After One Year

CDL stands for commercial driving license. However, there are a few aspects that affect the time taken to get a CDL. Having a commercial driver’s license is necessary when you want to venture into truck driving. Usually, truck driving programs and courses will help you have the knowledge you require before obtaining a CDL.

DUI stands for Drinking Under the Influence. These are when a driver is caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs. It is a crime and is also illegal in all countries. It is a punishable offense, and if a driver is caught in this condition, he can be sent to jail and fined some amount of money.

How Long After DUI Can I Get CDL

How Long After DUI Can I Get CDL?

A commercial Driver’s Permit is issued to let the person practice driving on the commercial vehicle. A commercial driving license is required for anyone who would want to have a job in the transportation industry which would regulate transportation trucks, cars, or buses on the roads and taking commercial products from one place to the other. The local transport office would be issued and would require the person to clear a written and physical driving test.

There are various classifications of CDL that will allow you to drive commercial vehicles with different weight ratings. The primary classification for Schneider drivers is Class A. This will require you to drive trucks with various weight ratings from 26,000 pounds and above. This weight includes towed vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds. You will require seven weeks of training before obtaining a Class A CDL. The Class B and C classifications accommodate hazardous materials and different weight readings. These classifications will take you approximately four weeks to obtain a CDL.

driving license
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Getting a new CDL after DUISix to ten months
Renewing an old CDL after DUIAfter one year

If you’re driving your vehicle and get charged for DUI, it takes six to ten months to get a CDL. In contrast, renewing an old CDL after DUI is strict, and it takes one year.

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Why Does It Take That Long After DUI To Get CDL?

Learning about CDL features two programs which are full-time programs and part-time programs. These programs will depend on your preference or how you can be available. For full-time classes, you will attend classes from Monday to Friday for three weeks before obtaining a CDL. When it comes to part-time programs, you will attend classes on Saturday and Sunday for a minimum of five weeks before receiving a CDL.

A commercial driver’s license is a valuable document for an individual who loves or drives trucks and big machines. Some of the vehicles you are authorized to drive with CDL include heavy trucks with a personal or gross cargo weight of above 26,000 pounds. Hazmat vehicles are vehicles designed to ferry hazardous materials such as liquid petroleum gas. CDL is essential for drivers operating vehicles pulling one or more trailers with a weight of more than 26000 pounds. Vehicles such as buses that transport passengers within the transportation route and individuals operating school buses must have CDL or special endorsements.

driving license

It takes that long after DUI to get CDL because driving under the influence of alcohol is not good, and the officials might not trust you for further driving purposes. A driver is not only responsible for the well-being of itself but also the other passengers. Under the influence of alcohol, the driver might not be able to control the vehicle.


Overall, it can be concluded that different classes of CDL are licensed to operate different trucks. This differs in terms of weight. If you want to venture into truck driving, you should consider having a CDL since it an essential document. The commercial driver’s license is valid for five to eight years, depending on the country and its rules.

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On average, a person can get CDL after one year of getting a DUI.  If a person gets caught driving a commercial vehicle in the influence of alcohol or other drugs, they could lose their job and not be eligible anymore to drive a commercial vehicle. Driving under the effect of alcohol can lead to accidents as the body might not react in time.


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  1. The intricate process of obtaining a CDL highlights the gravity of ensuring safety and accountability in commercial driving. A year after a DUI seems like a fair assessment of accountability.

  2. The detailed overview of the process for obtaining a CDL sheds light on the significance of complying with legal and safety requirements. It’s a matter of public safety.

  3. The training and testing required for obtaining a CDL reflect the high level of responsibility and skill needed for commercial driving. The timeframes for different classifications are also informative.

  4. The time taken to obtain a CDL is essential for ensuring commercial vehicle drivers are responsible and qualified. The consequences for DUI should be strict.

    1. I agree, Linda24. The safety of everyone on the road is at stake, and strict enforcement is necessary.

  5. The reasoning behind the timeframes for obtaining a CDL after a DUI is rational and rooted in public safety. It’s a necessary precaution.

    1. Absolutely, Theo51. Safety measures like these are crucial for preventing future DUI incidents on the road.

    2. This is indeed a rational approach to promoting safety, especially considering the consequences of DUI offenses.

  6. The stringent training and testing requirements highlight the seriousness of obtaining a CDL, and rightfully so. Public safety is paramount.

    1. Absolutely, Isaac57. The emphasis on training and testing is justified to ensure responsible and skilled drivers.

  7. The waiting periods for obtaining or renewing a CDL after a DUI provide significant insight into the severity of driving under the influence. It’s a necessary process for accountability.

    1. I’m not convinced that the waiting periods are entirely necessary. People can change and improve their situations.

  8. The strict timeframes for obtaining or renewing a CDL after a DUI underscore the industry’s dedication to public safety. The consequences of DUI should indeed be severe.

    1. Absolutely, Nathan78. It’s absolutely crucial to uphold strict safety measures for commercial drivers.

  9. It’s alarming that it can take up to a year to get a new CDL after a DUI. It really speaks to the serious nature of DUI offenses for commercial drivers.

    1. Absolutely, Ray. The responsibility that comes with driving commercial vehicles cannot be taken lightly.

  10. The emphasis on accountability and safety in the process of obtaining a CDL, especially after DUI offenses, is crucial for protecting everyone on the roads.

    1. Absolutely, Ellie Thompson. Safety should always be the top priority in the transportation industry.

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