How Long After EDD Interview To Get Money (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Three Weeks

EDD stands for Employment Development Department, and this department is located in California in the United States. It is responsible for employing many citizens of the country. In addition, it provides employees to many business companies and works as a two-way beneficiary for the companies and the workers.



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The department was started very long ago, in 1935, and then it was more popular by the name of Department of Employment. Since then, this department has worked in giving employment to workers worldwide and has helped companies and businesses grow their profits. Currently, the department is responsible for employing millions of workers.

How Long After EDD Interview To Get Money

How Long After EDD Interview To Get Money?

The headquarters of the EDD organization is situated in California, USA. The five basic tenets of the organization are that first; it is crucial to encourage and cultivate high ethical and educational standards. The second tenet teaches us to promote friendship and unity among workers. The third tenet is based on alleviating and educating backward people and making them independent to improve their social stature. The fourth tenet is based on keeping the interests in the college in all the fields. The final tenet describes that every person should try to become a good person and provide service to all humanity.

In all the cases of EDD application, the applicants must apply for reasonable work or opt for removal in time. They should wait for approval, which generally takes anywhere between one week. However, suppose a person is applying for permanent work in the company. It must be ensured that that applicant doesn’t fall under the removable category in the worker’s list present at the government officials. Some additional benefits are given to workers who have been serving the nation in civil services for some time.

EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Getting The Monetary Benefits ApprovedAfter two weeks
Time For Money To Get CreditedAfter three week

After applying in the EDD, if there is a suitable working position for the applicant, the details of monetary benefits are mailed to the applicant after two weeks. After the benefits are approved, the money is credited to the account in three weeks.

Why Does It Take That Long After EDD Interview To Get Money?

The candidates applying on the EDD are preferred according to their contribution to the development of the United States. Servants who were once medically treated for an injury caused on their duty are given more preference, given they submit the required medical documents related to the injury. Applicants also need to attach the income proof in the application. Low-income families or financially unstable families are given more attention as they are in more significant need of the country’s benefits.

There are multiple pages in the application form that is needed to be filled. The documents require information related to the name, sex, age, and address of the applicant. Information about the parents is also required to be filled in, and the applicant must also clarify whether they own any property or not. Spaces for filling in the details of the spouse and children are also available. It is crucial to fill in all the correct information in the application as they are cross verified by the government officials. Any incorrect data can lead to the rejection of the application at once.

It takes that long for EDD to get money because of the paperwork involved. In addition, government employers want to ensure that the applicant is an authorized person and all the information filled in the application is correct. Therefore, sometimes the interviews are conducted because the employers want to confirm the applicant’s identity and want to inquire about them to be more confident of the applicant’s details in the application.


Finally, it can be concluded that EDD stands for Employment Development Department, and their primary responsibility is to employ citizens in the United States in the field of their liking. EDD headquarters is located in California, the US, and all the operations are carried out by the headquarters itself.

On average, money is credited in three weeks in the account of the individual. Therefore, it is essential to fill in all the correct information and the application so that the entire process can be fast-tracked. In case of any discrepancy found, the application can be rejected. Therefore, a person must keep patience in these things.


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