How Long Are The Powerball Tickets Good For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 90 to 180 Days

Powerball is one of the most acclaimed lottery games in the world. It is particularly popular in the United States of America and is available to play in 45 US states including the district of Columbia, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. A Multi-state Lottery association is the nodal association which coordinates and regulates its activities.

It happens that people buy lottery tickets and match their numbers but forget the most crucial step. The collection of prize money is the most significant step in this process. However, by doing so, they may risk a good amount of money that they might have won.

How Long Are The Powerball Tickets Good For


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How Long Are The Powerball Tickets Good For?

Powerball Ticket TimelineGood For Period
Minimum90 Days
Average180 Days
MaximumA Year

Powerball lottery is available to play in all the states of the US except Utah, Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alabama. Different states in the United States of America have different withdrawal periods. However, the good for the period has been generalized down to three categories majorly, as shown in the table above.

It is widely believed that the minimum time in which the Powerball tickets hold faith is 90 days. The average time for the same is nearly 180 days being reported by most states. At most, the maximum time in which the Powerball tickets are good is a year.

The first step towards winning a Powerball jackpot is buying a ticket for the same purpose. Powerball tickets can be bought in any pharmacy, gas station, or grocery store provided the state of the individual’s residence allows the sale of those. However, if the sale is not allowed in their state, they can still buy the Powerball ticket via online means or by buying the tickets in a Powerball allowed state.

The next step in the process is playing the game. The Powerball tickets involve the selection of 6 numbers in total. Out of these, 5 numbers have to be between 1 to 69 and 1 Powerball number between 1 to 26.

Every number has to be erratically chosen by a gadget during the drawing process. A person can win the jackpot if the numbers chosen by the device are the same as the numbers selected by the person, irrespective of the order they are listed in.

Why Are The Powerball Tickets Good For So Long?

The Powerball Tickets are withdrawable after so long to give a good time to the people buying their lottery. This would help the people to draw the lotteries as and when they please and are comfortable. Giving such a long time is a reasonable withdrawal duration for all its users.

In addition to that, the difference in the laws of various states of the United States of America regarding the withdrawable period of the lotteries has resulted in the Powerball tickets being so long. There are no uniform rules and regulations in the country regarding the same. This has resulted in diverse lasting periods of the same ticket in different regions of one country.

A person who has purchased Powerball tickets should look for drawings every night on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Drawings take place at 11 PM Eastern time and its sales can be cut short an hour before each drawing. The results of each drawing are available to be accessed through online means.

If the person buying the Powerball tickets turns out to be winning some small prize, they should check it with the vendor. Sometimes, small prizes can be collected from the seller of those tickets themselves. However, if they go out to win some large prizes, they might need official proof to collect the prize. This process gets lengthy, and so the Powerball Tickets are good for so long.


Powerball tickets are good for different periods in different states of the country. Generally speaking, such tickets are good for 180 days, but in certain states, they may be good for nearly a year.

Moreover, if the person has won large amounts of money, the Powerball would need official verification to ascertain their identity. If the earnings are above 600 dollars, they need to go to a lottery district office to collect their prize. This makes the process lengthy.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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