How Long After EI Can I Apply For CERB (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After One Week

EI stands for Employment Insurance, and it is a type of insurance given to the employee working in an organization. This type of insurance is provided to help the worker from some financial problems. The EI provides short-term help financial help to those who are employed but are unable to work due to maternity and adoption leave or suffering from an illness. Dependents of a deceased employee can also get this benefit.

CERB stands for Canada Emergency Response Benefits. This agency serves to provide financial benefits to the employees who need support and cannot arrange money.

How Long After EI Can I Apply For CERB

How Long After EI Can I Apply For CERB?

In the case of maternity, adoption leave, or illness, people can submit their claims within a period of six months to twelve months. In case of a death of an employee, his/her dependents can file a claim within eighteen months. After submitting their claims, the period in which people can start receiving their CERB grants after eight weeks of registering. The money will be transferred to the respective bank accounts every four weeks until the money has been exhausted.

Certain benefits can be availed by the employee. In Illness benefits, those who cannot go to work for more than two weeks can unlock the CERB benefits. By applying the claims, one can be paid since the first day of the leave. Maternity benefits are the benefits entitled to maternity leave, can be claimed after seventeen weeks of pregnancy. Miscarriage cases can lead to a claim for six weeks after the tragic incident. In the case of adoption leave, only one parent can receive the adoption benefits. The child has to be younger than two years, and if the parent is receiving less money while on adoption leave, he/she can claim the benefits.

Employment Insurance
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Time After EI To Apply For CERBAfter One Week
Time To Get FundsAfter Two Weeks

It takes one week to apply for CERM after the employment insurance is issued. However, it can take one more week to get the funds allocated and received in the bank account.

Why Does It Take That Long After EI To Apply For CERB?

Applying for an EI is a hectic process and takes a long to process the claim entirely. Certain formalities that are needed to be taken care of before applying. In general, it takes almost a year to complete the entire process. A person should start the process by going to the department of labor office and sign the employment register. He/she should come back again after four weeks to sign to show that that person still needs employment benefits. If a person could not come after four weeks due to illness, he/she should bring the doctor’s note on the next signing day.

Filing for an EI claim is time-consuming, to begin with. To prevent any further time loss, a person who is applying should keep some documents ready. In maternity benefits, documents required are proof of banking details, birth certificate of the baby, and a statement of the amount received from the employer during maternity leave. In case of death benefits, the documents required are a certified copy of the death certificate, proof of banking details, copies of the deceased’s last six paychecks.

Employment Insurance

It takes that long after EI to apply for CERB because many documents must be submitted to avail all the necessary benefits. It should also be kept in mind that the dependent of the deceased should also provide a few documents. It includes proof of guardianship, proof of identity, proof that he/she was a learner dependent on the deceased.


Overall, it can be concluded that the documents should be all adequately organized, and one should have the utmost patience. The process should be all legal, and if facing any problem, it should be clarified by the department of labor. Registering at the EI and claiming the benefits is a complex process.

On average, it takes one week after EI to apply for CERB. To ensure that nobody has any hardship, it is suggested that the person should have a caring legal expert who can give legal advice and guide. All the documents should be legal, and no incorrect information should be provided in them.


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  1. The legal complexities of this process are overwhelming, a professional’s assistance is definitely needed.

  2. It seems that the delay in applying for CERB is justified considering the amount of documentation and verification needed. Hopefully, this will be improved in the future.

  3. The inefficiency of the process is a real obstacle for those in need of support, there must be a better way.

  4. I wonder what took them so long to establish the CERB system, it seems like something that should have existed a while ago.

    1. It’s tough to understand the reasoning behind the delays, but I’m glad the CERB system is in place now.

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