How Long After GC Can I Apply For Citizenship (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Five Years

Different organizations in different countries are responsible for providing citizenship to people who are not from that country. This system is a kind of third-party service which handles other applications too such as immigration request, settlement application along with all sorts of extension application.

During the application submission, you have to submit relative documents too. On the scheduled date, your test will be conducted at the allotted center, where your photo, signature, and fingerprints will be taken for the verification process. You are free and granted full rights to stay, travel, and work in the USA once you attain citizenship.

How Long After GC Can I Apply For Citizenship


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How long After GC Can I Apply For Citizenship?

Unlike all other applicants, candidates admitted to the country as resettled refugees do not require to file a green card to adjust their citizenship. USICS, which stands for the United States Immigration and Citizenship Services, regulates such cases and prepares their applications regularly. These applicants are given the status of a citizen after one to two years from making a lawful entry into the United States.

In all the other applications, the applicants must apply for a reasonable adjustment of status or opt for removal in time. They should wait for approval, which takes anywhere between one year to a few years. However, suppose a person is applying for permanent residency under the act. It must be ensured that that applicant doesn’t fall under the removable category in the citizenship list present at the government officials. Some additional benefits are given to citizens who have been serving the nation in civil services for some time.

Apply For Citizenship
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Time After GC To Apply For CitizenshipFive Years
Minimum time to be spent in the USAThirty months out of the five years

After getting a green card, an individual must wait for five years more to get citizenship. However, there is one more condition that is needed to be fulfilled by the person. The person must have spent thirty months out of those five years in the United States. If any of these two conditions are not satisfied, then the person is not eligible to be a national citizen.

Why Does It Take That Long After GC To Apply For Citizenship?

The candidates applying for citizenship are preferred according to their contribution to the development of the United States. Servants who were once medically treated for an injury caused on their duty are given more preference, given they submit the required medical documents related to the injury. Applicants also need to attach the income proof in the application. Low-income families or financially unstable families are given more attention as they are in more significant need of the country’s benefits.

There are multiple pages in the application form that is needed to be filled. The documents require information related to the name, sex, age, and address of the applicant. Information about the parents is also required to be filled in, and the applicant must also clarify whether they own any property or not. Spaces for filling in the details of the spouse and children are also available. It is crucial to fill in all the correct information in the application as they are cross verified by the government officials. Any incorrect data can lead to the rejection of the application at once.

Apply For Citizenship

It takes that long after GC to apply for citizenship because there is a minimum mandatory time that a person must spend to get citizenship. This is common law in all countries. However, the time differs from one nation to another. Without spending the required time, the person cannot become a citizen.


Finally, it can be concluded that Green Card is given to those who are not getting any benefits from the USA government. This benefit is given to the non-permanent residents of the United States under a specific act. The card was introduced to avail of primary benefits provided by the government and lead a healthier and more secure life.

On average, a person must spend five years getting a green card to be eligible for citizenship. It is imperative to fill the application correctly as the government personnel verifies them before giving citizenship to a particular individual. There are many benefits of getting the citizenship of a country.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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