How Long After Estrus To Spay Dog (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 7 months

Dogs have their first estrus which is also known as the heat or reproductive cycle when they reach puberty. To reach puberty they have many cycles or stages that they have to go through. Each cycle that consists of different stages is called estrus and that happens when the female dog gets pregnant.

On average a dog reaches its puberty in and about six months of age after they are newly born. Yes, this widely varies on the breed of the dog. The larger breeds or the giant breeds come to the reproductive cycle when they are eighteen months or two years of age.

How Long After Estrus To Spay Dog

How Long After Estrus To Spay Dog?

How long after estrus can you spay to dogs?About more than six months
Do dogs bleed the whole time after they are in heat?Not until a few days after the female has come into estrus

Most of the female dogs come into the reproductive cycle twice a year, or about a half-yearly basis including an interval. The interval in the dogs can widely vary between the dog to dog, breeds, category. Sometimes, an average-sized female dog can take two years to develop reproduction cycles.

The very early sign of having an estrus is showing symptoms like a bump in the vulva in them (dogs), but, the swelling may or may not happen. Very frequently, you will find a vaginal discharge with a lot of blood that will be noticeable after the dog come into its reproduction stage.

Estrus to dog

In some cases in dogs, their discharge would not be obvious until about a few days after their estrus cycle has begun. The discharge amount might not be the same for all dogs because it varies from one dog to another and also from breed to breed also, depends on the category in some.

As the cycle progresses or continues, the bloody discharge will change in color and appearance from dog to dog. In the beginning, the discharge will be very bloody, but as days pass by, it becomes very thin and watery and turns pinkish-red in color.

Why Does It Take That Long After Estrus To Spay Dog?

Vets will surely not recommend the dog owner to spay while your dog is in heat or reproductive cycle. It is because more blood flows in the area during such time, and that could complicate the surgery.

In most cases, the vets recommend the dog owners wait for two to three months after the dog’s heat cycle to spay. So, for all of that to complete depending on the dog the owner can spay on them.

Normally, spaying a dog during its heat or reproductive cycle is not desirable. It is always the best choice for the owners or the surgeons to wait until the heat or the reproductive cycle is finished about four weeks from the day that you have first noticed the estrus.

Estrus is the stage in dogs where they can become pregnant. As per few reports, it has been revealed that on average the dog experiencing this would be in its heat for about one or two weeks. But, this time could be either shorter or longer depending on the breed and size of the dog.

Estrus to dog

Pregnancy lasts in dogs for approximately nine weeks which is 63 days. There is no report until now that it takes much longer than that. If you don’t want your dog to be pregnant then you need to have her sterilized with the help of a surgical procedure (spay operation) before she could experience her first estrus.

It sometimes becomes hard to predict for the dog owner that when the first estrus cycle may happen, the vets highly recommend performing the spay surgery before the dog matures itself enough.


The dog owners will surely not notice anything when the dog is having its first estrus cycle. It will be better if you leave the dog for itself in the initial stage and if it becomes worse, it is better to visit a vet nearby.

Other than surgery there are other medical or medicinal treatments where you can stop your dog to have estrus. If you want your dog to suffer less then taking this step will be a good one.



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