How Long do Fish Live and Why?


Exact Answer: 25 years Over the years, scientists have been conducting researches on animals and human beings to determine their life span and the factors affecting that lifespan. Different animals have different life spans; the life span of each animal is influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Fish is …

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How Long do Pugs Live and Why?


Exact Answer: 12-15 years Ideally, pugs are one of the dog breeds with unique physical features such as a curled tail, wrinkly, and short-muzzled face. They are of different colors such as black and fawn, with almost a square body, and muscular limbs. Their height ranges from 10-11 inches and …

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How Long Do Guppies Live and Why?

guppies fish

Exact Answer: 2-3 years Guppies are tropical fish that are widely spread across the world. These fish feature beautiful colors and are often found in freshwaters which makes them perfect for aquarium. Male guppies are usually smaller than the female guppies. Guppies feed on various food sources, including the aquatic …

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