How Long After EVLT Will I See Results (And Why)?

Exact Answer- Three to four months

EVLT is also known as Endovenous laser treatment it is a small invasive technique that is used for treating varicose veins with the help of laser energy. This type of procedure or technique is commonly performed by a phlebologist and interventional radiologist.



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Now, varicose veins are the veins in our body that carry out blood pumped by the heart along with a network that is called ‘roads’ which includes arteries and veins to bring oxygen to all the organs of the human body. Of course, the natural body movement of ours helps pump blood back to the heart, which sends out blood again this happens continuously.

How Long After EVLT Will I See Results

How Long After EVLT Will I See Results?

How long after EVLT will I see results in my body?Three to four months
In the case of smaller veins for this procedureThree to six weeks

If the procedure or EVLT is done to smaller veins that are unsightly or are very difficult to see will require less time to see the results. The small veins results might come out in just three to six weeks after the treatment. There are few advantages of having EVLT treatment and that will give you reasons to go for the treatment.

EVLT takes about an hour to be completed and just after its completion patients can start with their normal or daily routine work. But, after the treatment is completed the doctors normally recommend the patients to wear compression socks as it will aid the blood circulation during the recovery process. Wearing socks will decrease the bruising or swelling that usually happens after the treatment is done. Now, that is where the doctor performs an ultrasound the next week for him to make sure that there are no blood clots formed in the treated veins.

If you are looking for surgery for your varicose veins then EVLT will be the right one for you. It will be much better to consult with your doctor about the treatment procedure and the other options available that would be right for you.

Why Does It Take That Long After EVLT To See Results?

The treatment procedure might take only an hour for the patients but to recover takes around three to four months if not done for the smaller veins. If the treatment is done for the smaller veins then that will decrease to three to six weeks. The veins need time to come back to its correct position as it faces a lot of heat during the treatment.

It takes three to four months because the bulging, or the prominent veins will require more treatment after EVLT and then you get the final result in three to four months. But, in very rare cases some patients after having an EVLT treatment they see the results within one week and notice a huge difference in the prominence of their varicose veins.

But, veins take quite some time to disappear. Most of the veins that are treated in EVLT will become invisible just after the treatment is done. But, if you want it to disappear totally then it may take up to 12 months which is one year to completely disappear.

While the recovery process it is very common that the patient will face bruising, yellowish-brown and blue skin around the treated area or the vein for weeks or could go to months after the treatment is completed. Yes, the treatment is a little painful but if your leg is numb then you will not face any problem during the procedure.


EVLT is done to treat large and bulging veins in your body they are mostly found or treated in both legs above or below the knee area. The saphenous veins are some of the larger and deeper veins that are present in the leg of the human body and they are the ones very responsive to EVLT treatment.

If you having such a problem with your veins in your body then EVLT treatment should be the right one as it will help you get relief from the pain that the veins are causing to you.


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