How Long After EWCM Is Egg Released (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 Days

Egg white cervical mucus or in short (EWCM) can be seen on several charts. The cervical mucus is responsible for a woman’s pregnancy because EWCM signals that the woman is ready to conceive or become pregnant. There are several changes that occur inside the body of a female and cervical mucus changes are one of them.

However, you should be fertile before one or two days of ovulating occurs. This is the time when you are your most fertile time and you can have sex so that you can become pregnant. It is also possible to have EWCM for at least five days before you start ovulating or it can only happen for a day or two.

How Long After EWCM Is Egg Released

How Long After EWCM Is Egg Released?

EWCM is responsible forIt helps the sperm reach the vaginal canal and the cervix into the uterus.
When EWCM occurs?One or two days before ovulation.

Whenever you notice that there is a discharge that looks similar to an egg white then you should know that this is the most fertile period. This period signals that you should have sex and then you can be pregnant. The discharge indicates that it is time to have sex and not some sort of problem.

Most women due to a lack of knowledge do not understand this and they think that the process is a problem. Well, that is not the case at all because this is the time when your body is at the highest fertility period.

If you lack the quality of your fertileness and due to which the sperm cannot survive then it will only lead to more trouble getting pregnant. Some women become fertile just before their period comes and you should know that this is not the sign of ovulation/ovulating and having sex during this time will not help you to get pregnant.

There will be multiple patches of cervical egg white mucus for some women but on the other hand, there are women those who have only notice egg white cervical mucus. The hormones trigger the release of ovaries so that the egg is released during the time of ovulation.

Why Does It Take That Long For Egg To Release After EWCM?

There are several changes that a woman’s body goes through. The hormones play a crucial role for a woman to become pregnant and they also help to bring other changes in the body. Some of the most common changes include fertile vaginal discharge, cervical changes, and also your mood changes.

The time period could depend from one female to the other because as mentioned earlier some females could experience EWCM for about five days and some only a day or two. The desire for sex increases whenever the female is in her most fertile period. You should know that it is just nature’s way to have intercourse at the right time.

The hormone that is responsible for the egg white discharge is Estrogen. This means that when your Estrogen levels are low you will not be getting quality cervical mucus. This type of situation or condition may occur due to some side effects of certain medications or due to age or some hormonal imbalance.

To know more about when you can have sex you should consult with a doctor about it. In case, you do not have an idea you should do some research on your own because later you do not want any problem happening to become pregnant. There are some signs or you can say some kind of symptoms that will help you understand when ovulation will likely occur.


In the end, you want to have a healthy pregnancy and this will only be possible if you have sex at the right time. A female’s body will go through a lot of changes and you must know when is the right time to conceive.

The ovulation period happens between the 11th and 21st of your cycle. This is the time when your cervical mucus will become slippery so that the sperm can make their way to the egg. The whole process is natural and when these changes happen then you will feel the urge to have sex and during this time you will most likely become pregnant.  


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  1. This information is really helpful to understand more about my fertility cycle and when is the right time to conceive.

  2. This is misleading information, ovulation doesn’t occur between 11th and 21st of the cycle in every woman.

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