How Long After Expiration Domain Available (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 to 60 days

The address of a particular website is signified by the domain name of the website. This domain name is used by the target audience to search for the website through the browser URL bar. The binary system used by the internet for identification is simplified by the use of alphabetical domain names or website addresses instead of numbers.

Specific domain names have to be purchased by the company in question from the many domain name registrars operating in the market. Each domain name or address has a certain time frame of existence. It self-destructs if not renewed within the stipulated time frame.

How Long After Expiration Domain Available

How Long After Expiration Domain Available?

All domain names can expire after the initial period of paid usage is over. They are purchased on a contractual basis which makes the contract of the name void once the agreed-upon time period is over. Generally, such domains are open for public booking after a certain period of time. the rules with regard to the exact time frame when such domain names can be booked and put to use differs from one domain registrar to another.

If you have a domain and it happens to expire after 30 days, then the norms will be a little different for you. In case the individual wishes to rebook the domain name the time frame will extend from 30 to 60 days after expiration. Generally, domain registrars will give the individual a grace period during which the domain will be only available to the hitherto original owner for repurchase or renewal of the contract.

During this period, the registrar will make the domain solely available to the original owner. Initially, the price will be maintained at the same level. However, as the days start passing by, the price of repurchasing the same domain name can be increased by the domain registrar.

Alternatively, if an individual wish to buy a domain that was previously owned by someone else, then the time frame for such a purchase availability will be different. After the expiration of the renewal or grace period, the expired domain name will become available to the public for purchase after 75 days of the initial date of expiration. During this time, the domain name is open to all bidders and potential buyers.  

In summary:

Circumstances of AvailabilityTime Frame
Repurchasing the Domain30 to 60 days after expiration
Public Purchase of the Domain75 days after expiration

Why Does It Take So Long For A Domain To Become Available After Expiration?

Most domain registrars offer an extension of the domain’s ownership against a certain redemption fee, during the initial 30 to 60 days after its expiration. This stipulated time frame is available to the individual as an indication of a vote of confidence in the interest of the person to continue ownership of the domain. In many cases, people may forget that the expiration of their domain names is approaching or has already bypassed them. It is to help people in such situations that the period of redemption is quite long.

Moreover, companies often like to specialize their domain names according to the uniqueness of their brand. This implies that there may be fewer buyers for an extremely specific domain name in the open market. Selling such domains to other buyers after the expiration period will become difficult. Thus, the grace period is extended to persuade the company to hold on to the domain name.

The expired domain will be available for public purchase after the first 75 days of expiration are over because by this period of time it is almost certain that the company or individual who previously held ownership of the domain does not wish to pay the redemption fee.

In some cases, the hitherto original owner of the domain may wish to repurchase it only when it is sold on the public platform. This is done to avoid the redemption charges. However, if the domain is sold before the lapse of the initial 60 days through expired domain auctions and backorders, then it will be impossible for the individual to purchase it.


Domains are an important part of the expansive World Wide Web. Without domain names, navigating the internet would become extremely cumbersome and difficult. Companies, individuals, and brands opt for domain names that make their presence on the internet recognizable. It helps the potential customer or investor locate the venture easily.

However, particular domain names expire after the contractual agreement of their purchase is over. In such cases, individuals need to renew the contract within 30 to 60 days. During this time the domain is still exclusively available to them. However, after 75 days the domain is available to the general public for purchase.


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