How Long Do AIO Coolers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 to 8 Years

PCs become hot very easily. There are several reasons for a PC to heat. To prevent this heat, there are several ways as well. There are fans to cool down, heat pipes, water coolers, and so on. One of the very popular alternatives is AIO coolers. AIO coolers or AIl in one cooler have multiple parts in one cooling system. It consists of a water chamber, radiators, fans and so on. These coolers are very efficient and are a very popular alternate for cooling PC. However, one may wonder before buying about how long these AIO coolers last.

How Long Do AIO Coolers Last


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How Long Do AIO Coolers Last?

If one is a moderate level PC user and takes care of their PC, the AIO cooler in the PC may last up to 8 years. One cannot just install them in their computer system and use them forever. Even though little, but AIO coolers do require some maintenance. If one does not take care of the AIO coolers in their PC, it shortens the life of AIO coolers as well as the PC itself. If one does not take care of the AIO coolers in their PC the coolers might not survive more than 5 years.

Branded good quality AIO coolers come with up to 5 years of warranty or guaranty. So, even if one decides not to take care of their PC’s AIO coolers, and they bought AIO coolers with a longer warranty or guaranty period, the service will cover them even if there is a malfunction in coolers as per the terms of the warranty.

There are cheap quality AIO cooler brands that provide up to 1-year warranty or guaranty or not at all. So one should take care of their AIO coolers at least when they are buying cheap AIO coolers for their PC. The cheap quality coolers do not provide AIO coolers so to extend their life, one has to take care of them a little.

Although, it is all up to the user, sometimes luck too. If a user pushes their PC to extreme limits, then the cooler might need extra power to cool down the PC. There can be situations where the cooler might be unable to cool down as the heat inside the PC gets too much. In such cases, the life of AIO coolers reduces.

MaintenanceLife Expectancy of AIO cooler
With MaintenanceUp to 5 years
Without MaintenanceUp to 8 years or more

Why Do AIO Coolers Last That Long?

Obviously expressed by their name, AIO coolers are All In One. They use multiple ways of cooling at once. This way cooling is way more efficient and it reduces the risk of failure. The efficiency increases their life as there is not too much pressure on them as the multiple ways of cooling work together.

Any general cooler can last for years. So can AIO cooler. And coolers have a good life. Any sort of cooler can easily last for years without causing many problems.

Also, in comparison to AIR coolers, they require less maintenance. But maintenance helps in increasing their life for even longer. If an AIO cooler can work fine for up to 5 years, there is a possibility that its life can be increased up to 8 years with proper maintenance.

Also, while a non well maintained AIO cooler can work as good as new for a couple of months or for up to a year, a well maintained AIO cooler might work as good as new for years. This way, not only one’s AIO cooler might work as good as new for years, but its overall life might increase substantially as well.

Some manufacturers claim that their AIO cooler can survive for up to 10-15 years too. However, that is a rare case. Most AIO coolers either work very badly or completely stop working after around 5-8 years. But, in rare cases, AIO cooler may survive as long as the brand claims them to survive. However, the warranty is provided for up to 5 years and not more than that.


To cool down the heating PCs, a good cooling system is necessary. Especially in high-end PCs, the cooling system is an integral part. There are several types of cooling systems, AIO cooler is among the popular ones. AIO cooler is the combination of several cooling systems and makes them simultaneously.

AIO coolers can last for years easily. They do require maintenance, even though it is minimal. With proper maintenance, AIO coolers may survive up to 8 years while without maintenance, they may survive up to 5 years. Although, it depends a lot on the user how long they can make the AIO coolers survive.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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