How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Alcohol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 72 hours

Alcohol is a widely consumed drink throughout the world and the government gets the highest amount of tax from alcohol shops. Nowadays, alcoholic drinks are most common in youngsters and adults. Most of the country’s alcoholic drinkers are between 17 years of age to 52 years of age.

But drinking alcoholic drinks after dental surgery may prove fatal in some cases. After the gum graft surgery, a person should avoid alcohol for a minimum of 72 hours or it may delay the healing process of the gum and root. Alcohol before 72 hours may also cause bleeding.

How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Alcohol

How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Alcohol?

You can start eating after3 days
You shouldn’t drink alcohol for8 days

Gum graft surgery is a dental surgery that deals with gum and root-related issues in the buccal cavity of a human being. Talking about graft surgery, it is a simple surgery with no cumbersome work to be taken care of. In the surgery, the dental specialist simply substitutes the healthy gum tissues from another area in place of the damaged area. The success rate of the surgery always tends to 100% and if the patient obeys the prescription assigned by the doctor, there will be no possible side effects too.

The surgery is especially recommended to those who suffer from irregular gum arrangement or when the root of a tooth gets exposed. This kind of problem happens when the gum tissues of a dental arch get damaged or the hold becomes loose. In this case, the patient may look weird and dreadful. To ease this kind of situation, an immediate gum graft is always advisable. With a local anesthetic, the surgery goes painless and smooth. Antibiotics are the fastest and healthiest way to heal a gum graft surgery. Some other things to heal are palatal stents, pain meds, and ice.

Dental health recovers its full potential in one to two weeks after the surgery of gum. The doctor provides a healthy diet to be followed and marks all the things which should be avoided in the meantime and alcohol is one of them. Alcohol after gum graft damages the repaired area and also slows down the healing process to a great extent.

Why Can You Drink Alcohol So Long After Gum Graft?

Gum graft surgery as you now know is a simple surgery with a significant rate of success. But there are always some precautions a patient needs to follow after the surgery. The precautions will help make the healing process quicker. A dental doctor always makes it clear before a patient not to intake alcohol after gum graft surgery. Alcohol has its advantages under normal circumstances but under a few special cases like after a gum graft surgery, alcohol is not a major priority.

One should avoid even a single drop of any kind of alcoholic drink after dental surgery. Taking in any kind of alcoholic drink immediately after a gum surgery can cause painful bleeding due to hampered tissues in the treated area. The bleeding can cause pain for a long period. Alcohol also dries down the healing rate and becomes a hurdle in the after-surgery period.

This is the main reason that gum graft surgery takes a comparatively longer time to get successful in the case of a regular alcoholic. The body of a regular alcoholic is always comparatively weak and pale. The buccal cavity of a smoker and tobacco consumer is also comparatively more damaged. The contents of alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco are very harmful to the human digestive system and can cause permanent damage.


Although alcoholic drinks are a widely used way of celebration throughout the globe, still there are times when one needs to avoid drinks completely for the greater good. Especially after surgery in the buccal cavity, alcohol has so many ill effects on the patient who has undergone the treatment. The doctor always makes it clear in the prescription too. As a reminder, the pharmacist also states the harmful effects of alcohol and smoking after the gum graft surgery.

One should not touch alcohol for at least two weeks after the gum graft surgery. Smoking and tobacco should also be avoided completely in the meantime. Once the gums heal completely, after that the patient can slowly continue his/her habits like usual, but that too should be confirmed by the doctor who has treated the patient.


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