How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Coffee (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At least 24 hours

Gum grafting is a fairly common surgical procedure performed by a periodontist. The procedure involves the grafting of healthy tissue to your receding gums. A gum graft is also known as a gingival graft. Almost all adults have to undergo a gum grafting session during the course of their lives.

The procedure involves the removal of tissue from the roof of your mouth and then its grafting or attachment to the affected area on your gums. This is done to ensure that the roots of the tooth are protected against the enhanced vulnerability they experience when the gum starts receding.

How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Coffee


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How Long After Gum Graft Can You Drink Coffee?

Much like most surgical procedures, gum grafting procedures also require the patient to take certain precautionary measures after the surgery is completed. These post-operative protocols are essential for the smooth and stable recovery of the patient. Following these norms diligently is therefore seminal.

In the case of gum grafting procedures, the most significant among the post-surgical protocols relate to the consumption of food and drinks. Generally, doctors will prescribe that the patient avoid the consumption of hot drinks like tea and coffee. Caffeine is also considered out of bounds for patients scheduled for a grafting session. Thus, on the day of the surgery, one must actively refrain from hot coffee.

However, most patients will be allowed to return to their usual intake of hot tea or coffee from the second or third day after the procedure. It must be kept in mind that one should not automatically start with seething hot beverages immediately after the 24-hour interval window is over. The most prudent approach will be to start having lukewarm coffee and then gradually increase the heat intensity over the upcoming days.

In case of excess or prolonged bleeding, the periodontist may advise the patient to refrain from the consumption of hot coffee for a longer period of time. He or she may want to inspect the grafted area before allowing the patient to return to his usual activities. In the event that the post-surgical recovery graph is steady and good, the patient is rather encouraged to start the intake of lukewarm coffee as it helps the area heal better.

Gum Graft

In summary:

Refraining from Hot CoffeeWaiting Window
Lower Limit24 hours
Upper Limit2-3 days

Why Do You Need To Wait So Long After Gum Graft To Drink Coffee?

Gum grafting procedures involve the creation of a small incision along the gum margins and other areas of the mouth from where healthy tissue is harvested for the graft. This causes a severe strain on the gums. They are essentially healing from this strain after the procedure is completed.

Hot coffee can act as an accelerant in terms of increasing dental bleeding after the procedure. This is the most seminal reason why doctors ask patients to refrain from the intake of hot coffee for at least 24 hours after the surgery. They can restart the intake of hot beverages but after a couple of days.

This window provides your gums enough time to initiate the healing process. When excess heat is provided to the surgical site, the healing capability of the area may be compromised. This can lead to a prolonged period of recovery while simultaneously producing a conducive environment for the growth of infection-causing bacteria.

Similarly, if the bleeding in the area is increased by the intake of hot coffee, it can also lead to more intense pain. Enduring this may be very difficult for the patient. Thus, if you want to enjoy a more or less smooth recovery period, without unnecessary pain and complications, you must stick to the ‘no coffee’ rule for at least 24 hours after the surgery.


In case the patient experiences intense pain or excessive bleeding even after a week of the procedure, he or she must consult the doctor immediately. This may be symptomatic of an infection or a brewing complication from the procedure.


Although gum grafting procedures are quickly becoming the most frequently performed ones in the field of periodontics, it is important to cognize that there are certain risks associated with the procedure. Thus, the patient must adhere to the pre and post-surgery protocols.

This extends to the consumption of hot drinks like tea and coffee. The doctor performing the procedure will emphasize the fact that the patient needs to refrain from the intake of hot coffee for at least 24 hours after the procedure. One can return to the consumption of coffee within the second or third day after the surgery.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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