How Long After ITA To Get PR (And Why)?

How Long After ITA To Get PR (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 6 months

ITA stands for an Invitation To Apply. It is a kind of facility extended by the country to all those individuals who had submitted their appropriate profiles for getting a permanent residence. The individuals also need to have the competency to satisfy the needs of the job failing to which the ITA application gets cancelled.

ITA can also be talked of as a necessary legal document that must be possessed by every immigrant desiring to have a job in the pool of Entry Express. Technically speaking, almost all the applications go through an easy procedure and pass it within six months to get approved. The individual having an ITA can move to Canada to settle down there as a resident of the country.

There are some steps which one must undergo to receive the invitation. It should also be kept in mind that it is just a formal invitation, which does not guarantee the acceptance of the application submitted by the applicant. Hence, it is essential to know the steps which should be done beforehand to be a Canadian immigrant.

How Long After ITA To Get PR

How Long After ITA To Get PR?

Minimum Time60 days
Maximum Time6 months

Like every application, ITA also has eligibility criteria for its applicants. Anyone desiring to have it must be eligible to apply for ITA. The eligibility criteria say that the applicant must be able to represent himself eligible for at least one of the major worker immigration applications. Following this, one can sign-up for a profile on the Entry Express.

The person has to fish for jobs by submitting his applications to the companies in Canada where he wishes to earn a placement. The profile of the person wishing to have an ITA becomes eligible for applying for it only when he becomes eligible for any job. Following this, the profile of the applicant is evaluated by CRS, the leading company issuing the document to check the ingenuity of the information provided during the process of profile creation.

Another important eligibility criteria include ranking higher in the list prepared by CRS. This is an essential requirement for the application to get approved. The total score is 1200 out of which every candidate’s profile is evaluated by following a complex procedure. A candidate can devise various ways to increase the score and rank higher to have maximum chances of getting permission for permanent residence.

According to CRS, a candidate is assigned points for certain skills like educational qualifications, proficiency over various languages. Some extra information like having a relative as a permanent resident of Canada and others can even prove beneficial while increasing the points. The candidates who rank the highest among all the other candidates are chosen as eligible candidates and are invited to apply.

Why Should One Wait For So Long To Get PR after ITA?

Evaluation of the candidates is done based on whether they surpass the minimum points required for cutoff or not. After the acceptance of the application, the individual receives an invitation which states that he/she is eligible to move to Canada and settle down there with/without his/her family. There is a minimum deadline of 60 days up to which the invitation is valid. In general situations, extensions are not available except in situations involving a national crisis.

It is wise to prepare all the documents before applying for ITA because it is quite difficult to get all the documentation ready within 60 days. When the deadline is crossed, the invitation can neither be declined by the individual nor be accepted by the individual. There are some important documents which one needs to have ready to apply for ITA.

The documents required for being eligible to apply for ITA are proof of educational qualifications, proof of language proficiency, proof of residence and other basic personal details. Every document should be self-attested by the individual. The various legal documents like passport, medical certificate, work experience of the individual. One should try to provide all the correct information to get easily qualified for receiving the invitation.

Some details of the family members including their travel details are even necessary. The proof of other personal details of the individual should also be provided as they play a pivotal role in determining the approval of the application. The application is to be filled online where all the details should be filled truthfully and all the proof should be given in the required format.


After filling the application, one even needs to pay the application fee which varies according to the number of individuals wishing to earn a permanent residence in Canada. The application can’t be edited after submission. Hence, further checking of the application form before submitting it is very necessary.

The ITA is very necessary for every individual wishing to settle down in Canada. The application form must be filled attentively with all the details related to work experience, personal life and funds being provided correctly. The maximum time taken by the company to approve the application is 6 months while the minimum time is 60 days. One should also be patient and truthful.

Before finalizing the application, the company issuing the invitation may also interview the candidate to check their ingenuity and eligibility. One should try to pass the interview failing to which the chances of the application getting approved is decreased. Increasing the score is even essential which one can do in various ways available on the site.


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